How Tracing Your Family Ancestry May Not Be As Private As You Think

When my partner said I shouldn’t try a genealogy service because “they’re going to sell your DNA,” I thought he was being over cautious. As it turns out, it seems he was on to something. Action News Jax reports that sites like 23andMe and Ancestry are willing to give up your genetic code to the cops.

Detroit City Council approves $250M in taxpayer money for Dan Gilbert

Michigan’s richest resident will take home $250 million in state taxpayer funds to help finance four new developments in downtown Detroit.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Detroit City Council approved the money for Bedrock, Dan Gilbert’s development company, over the objections of residents who questioned the need to provide a billionaire with taxpayer money.…

Here’s Why Only A Few Women Of Color Report Sexual Assault

Why are stories of sexual assault told by women of color rarely corroborated by society?

In the chorus of women who have recently come forward about abuse in Hollywood, the voices of Black, Latino and Asian women have not been raised above whispers. A demonizing pattern of social conditioning, based on racism, has tainted the images of women of color, especially Black females.

Delta Sigma Theta 90th Anniversary Gala (Debbie’s Lifestyles Photos Nov. 15)

LADIES OF DST—Kimberly Green, Doris Smith, Michele Collins, Lalicia Roman, Phyllis Roberts, Nneke Shelton-Martin and Nneka Hart

The story of the Pittsburgh Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated (DST) reaches back in history to the early 1920s with the national organization seeking the support of college and university administrators to establish chapters in Pittsburgh.