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A Year In Detroit Books

As many longtime readers of Metro Times know, our annual Gift Guide issue is an occasion when we usually take stock of all the books we could find about Detroit over the course of the preceding year. It’s something I started doing about six years ago, when we noticed a definite uptick in the number of titles about our fair city. The longevity of this annual job testifies to the way more and more books have claimed Detroit as their subject or setting.

Task Force taking stock of abandoned structures

Last September, Detroit’s emergency manager heralded the announcement that a combination of public and private funding totaling $300 million would be made available to combat the pervasive blight problem overwhelming Detroit.

America and Guns

“The good people in this world are very far from being satisfied with each other and my arms are the best peacemaker.”

—Samuel Colt, 1852

Detroit Musicians Tell Us What They’re Thankful For

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving … so let’s proceed to gorge ourselves with food as a display of gratitude to, you know, the Pilgrims. In a non-consumption-oriented display of thanks, we asked several local songsmiths what each is grateful for, how they’ll be celebrating Turkey Day, and how they’d handicap the big game between the Lions and the Packers. Gobble, gobble …

Missy Suicide

The Suicide Girls have to be careful. The group has been around for so long now that they’re very nearly as much a part of mainstream culture as regular strippers. Then where will we be? (We’re kidding, kinda.)