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Adbusters co-founder Kalle Lasn wants to push the spirit of Buy Nothing Day through the holidays

For what seems like it must have been forever now, as the cold weather really sets in across most of America, we make our holiday shopping lists and check our budgets twice. It’s tradition and, having been insidiously (and gradually) married to many of our deepest emotional connections to the season, it seems on face like a considerate, loving, even noble act.…

Jeff Daniels the actor makes way for Jeff Daniels the musician

Serious and seriouser

From a contentious novelist-turned-regretful family man, to an insufferable ever-placating news anchor, to a lovingly dim-witted dog groomer, Jeff Daniels the actor is a man of many roles. But it is perhaps that of the singer-songwriter, arts advocate, husband, and father residing in Chelsea, Mich. that requires the most agility.…

Woodward Avenue street plaza to stay open despite traffic concerns

A controversial downtown Detroit pedestrian plaza that has shut down Woodward Avenue at Jefferson since June will remain open despite concerns from drivers and business owners in the area.

Michigan Rep. John Conyers doubles down on sexual harassment denial, admits to settlement

After initially denying knowledge about sexual harassment allegations and a cover-up as detailed in a new BuzzFeed News bombshell report, Michigan Rep. John Conyers has issued a statement clarifying the matter — somewhat.

In a statement issued by his office Tuesday afternoon, Conyers admitted to the settlement, but also doubled down on his denial.

Michigan State Police program to drug test drivers encounters blowback from lawyers

Police may be asking some drivers to have their saliva tested for drugs in a pilot program being rolled out in five Michigan counties, including Washtenaw. And the program has some attorneys hopping mad.

Detroit City Council approves $250M in taxpayer money for Dan Gilbert

Michigan’s richest resident will take home $250 million in state taxpayer funds to help finance four new developments in downtown Detroit.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Detroit City Council approved the money for Bedrock, Dan Gilbert’s development company, over the objections of residents who questioned the need to provide a billionaire with taxpayer money.…