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Former TSU Football Player Eligible to Resturn to School

The football team of Tennessee State University made headlines in November after a video went viral of former defensive end, Latrelle Lee, punching strength coach, T.J. Greenstone, who was responsible for keeping players away from the sideline to avoid a penalty. The viral video showed Lee hitting the coach multiple times, knocking Greenstone to the ground. The altercation took place on Nov. 11, during Senior Night and the last home game of the season at Hale stadium, located on the campus against Southeast Missouri.

Women’s Basketball Season Thus Far

The Women’s Basketball team at Tennessee State University kicked off their season in November and has only 11 games left in conference play. The lady Tigers are 3-14 overall and 1-7 in conference.

Men’s Basketball Senior Season

The Tennessee State University Men’s Basketball team has four graduating seniors this season. With only 10 games left, that means it is also the countdown to the end of four collegiate basketball careers. TSU Men’s Basketball seniors are Delano Spencer, Ken’Darrius Hamilton, A.C Reid and Darreon Reddick.

TSU Students Excitedly Await “Black Panther”

Marvel fans across the world excitedly await Marvel’s newest highly anticipated film Black Panther. Some of those fans are right here on the campus of Tennessee State University. One fan is Nigile Adams, a freshman Health Science major, who says he is a huge Marvel fan and can’t wait for the movie to premiere. Adams’ love for the franchise extends years, admitted that he and his friends would pretend to be Marvel characters growing up as a young boy

The Aristocrat of Bands Takes on Atlanta

The Aristocrat of Bands headed to Atlanta, Georgia on Thursday, Jan. 25, for the 16th annual Honda Battle of the Bands Invitational Showcase with this year’s theme being, “March On. Dream Together”. The AOB has been to Honda three times in the past four years.

How to be Green

What are the first three things that pop into your head when you think about college? Perhaps studying, football games, and top ramen come to mind. Of course academics and having a booming social life are some of the main priorities for a college student, right?

Students Gather to Protest Campus Living Conditions

Change is in the air at Tennessee State University. Students and faculty gathered in front of Mary Wilson Hall on Jan. 25 and ignited a protest charging TSU’s administration to fix a myriad of issues regarding dorm conditions and other campus concerns.

Changes Made to Greek Membership Intake at TSU

Hazing has become a real threat at colleges and universities across the nation. Headlines broadcasting the result of such a dangerous trend have unfortunately become commonplace. While not only hazardous and potentially fatal, hazing is also a liability for the schools themselves.

Tennessee State University Brings the Business to Campus

On Tennessee State University’s campus, the Career Development Center is well known for their events that aid in networking and helping students and alumni alike to branch out and find career opportunities they never knew were available. This specific event coming up, the Internship Fair, focuses on bridging the gap between future employees and employers. The event assists former and current students with job preparation as well as broadening their ideas of what jobs their chosen majors can truly coincide with.

Students Face Dilemma with Meal Plans

The line everyone is waiting in this year is the one to activate meal plans. Students at Tennessee State University were experiencing wait times on average of 36 minutes to get their meal plans activated. Instead of pulling up the financial information at the cafeteria like previous years, students were redirected to Hankal Hall to get the problem solved. The students concern was not primarily based on the activation, but the process which involved walking to Hankal Hall, a building most used for parking violations and athletic tutoring.

A Year in Trump’s America

A year has passed since the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States, swearing Donald John Trump into the highest office in the land. Even before his official term began, his road to the White House was highly reported and scrutinized for numerous reasons. Now, the past 365 days in office has lead to the documentation of arguably the most controversial administration witnessed in generations. Never before has a president stirred such visceral reactions. Whether it is love or hate, everyone has an opinion.

The Government Shutdown of 2018

The United States of America was founded on the basic principles of a strong government. Society today functions the way it does because the country has the ability to fall back on what most consider to be a generally reliable and democratic government. That being said, a government shutdown is unfortunately not something people should fail to think about. No one and no organization are perfect.