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7 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage When Painful Experiences Try to Destroy It

We all know life is about finding happiness and experiencing joy. But as much as we know that, we also know life is about managing the inevitable: pain. None of us enjoy it, and many of us aren’t sure how to deal with it, but we know that we have to face it at some point. And even Keep Reading →

Free Training: How African American Couples Can Create Generational Wealth

Dr. Dennis Kimbro, author of The Wealth Choice: Success Secrets of Black Millionaires says, “I can tell you unequivocally wealth is not a function of gender, not a function of race. It is not a function of circumstance. It is not a function of condition—how the cards were dealt, which side of the town you were born Keep Reading →

9 Healthy Actions During an Argument That Help You Keep the Peace

If we are honest, those of us in one recognize marriage can be difficult. A couple should never lead others to believe that disagreements, arguments and, yes, frustration don’t exist in a marriage. Honestly speaking, sometimes married people just don’t get along. There’s no need to put marriage on this pedestal where it’s a bed of roses the moment Keep Reading →

6 Prayers to Help You After Being Hurt By Someone You Love

Has someone ever hurt you so badly that you just didn’t know what to do? The pain is excruciating and your mind can’t stop replaying the harsh words unfairly leveled at you by your spouse, or your friend, or your parent. You wake up each day and a million different emotions course through your body Keep Reading →

Blinded by Love? Ladies, Pay Attention to These 5 Signals Before Tying the Knot

Have you ever had one of your girlfriends come and tell you something about your man that you just refused to believe? He made a pass at them. He shoved somebody in the parking lot. He quit his job, again. Even though you saw him holding his “cousin’s” hand last week, and he barely missed Keep Reading →

How Do I Get My Boyfriend To Stand Up for Me?

Dear Dr. Buckingham, I have been dealing with an issue for quite some time now and find myself in need of some advice. My boyfriend and I have been in a long distance relationship for 2 1/2 years now. He is a Marine. Since the beginning of the relationship, his mother has been jealous, possessive Keep Reading →

Marriage Made Easy: 27 Stupid Simple Tips to Help Your Marriage Run Smoothly

Don’t we all wish there was an “easy” button for marriage? The moment something goes awry, we yank it out, press it, and voila! Problem solved. But, there is no such thing. Marriage is perhaps the most difficult relationship to navigate. It has the potential to yield the most rewards, yet cause the most pain…all Keep Reading →

3 Ways to Be Happily Single On Purpose

Too many people see being single as a “disease” that needs to be cured rather than a season of life or possibly even a calling for life. Some come right out and say it: “Girl, why are you still single? Can’t you find a man?” Or, “if you weren’t so picky, you would be able to Keep Reading →

2 Ways Your Relationship With God Can Save Your Relationship With Your Spouse

Let’s start out this post with a few indisputables. The divorce rate in America is between 40 and 50 percent. The divorce rate among African American couples is typically higher than other ethnic groups. Now, since African Americans make up a large percentage of church goers, it begs the question that if we’re such faithful Keep Reading →

#Boxtumes: 4 Easy Steps to Create a Playing Card Halloween Costume Made with a Box

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Amazon. The opinions and text are all mine. You would think, since our kids are getting older, we would be phasing out of Halloween.  But each year, we find more and more ways to have fun together as a family. This year, we made costumes out Keep Reading →

5 Ways to Make Dating Fun Again That Actually Work

Do you dread dating because you’re bored with the kinds of men you meet? Or are you suffering from burn-out and the thought of getting dressed up just to be disappointed makes you feel like you’re wasting time when you could be getting work done? You might even feel bitter about the dating scene because it Keep Reading →

#MeToo: It has shown me I’m not alone.

After seeing this “me too” thing I thought I’d write down some of (not all) the things which I have experience in my 27 years. As a woman, there will be many more to add to this list over my lifetime, but here’s what’s happened to me (I’m no writer, so bear with me).