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Used To It, Schmeused To It: Sex Is, Always Has Been, And Always Will Be F*cking Great!

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I’ve been waiting for it. Thinking about it. Fearing it. Dreading it. Hoping against it. Running from it. Losing sleep over it. (Well, not really. More metaphorical sleep lost.)

But it still hasn’t happened. At least not yet. But there are no signs that it ever will. No clues. No cues. No indicators. No inklings. Nothing.

The Panther dad part 1

black_panther_spainBy now, we have heard of the winning formula for producing a superior student. The Asian Tiger Mom, full of things to do and not to do to ensure the proper and superior education for your child.  No school plays she says. Violin or Piano only please. Tennis or swimming, no contact sports. Beating your child into submission to do their work to scorer that 36 on the ACT, anything else is a failure. On the flip side, many  Black students or shall I say, student athletes,  aspire to for a D1 scholarship with the same kind of passion. Endless practice sessions. Additional training and nutrition. AAU basketball and track. They are picked early and cultivated athletically. Ive even met a fellow coach who picked his current wife based upon her height, hmmm. There is a whole infrastructure around it.  Well,  I have a clear message to all of you who invest a lot of  your time in sports, whether it’s basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, football, track, or hockey. There is a wealth of opportunity at the D3 level. Did you hear me? A wealth of opportunity at the D3 level. It is so much of an opportunity that after reading this, if you have a son or daughter at an early enough age, you should target  them for those kinds of institutions. The target is much wider. Bigger, broader, and greater opportunity, yet, it’s not completely understood. The vast majority of your D3 schools are some of the best institutions in the world. Shhhhh, it’s a quietly kept little secret.

The Power Of Sister Circles And Safe Spaces

In graduate school, I was invited to join a sister circle. At the time, I had no idea what that was. What resulted was a life long bond with a group of Black women from across the diaspora (Guyana, Dominican Republic, & across the US). We shared our stories and spent hours revealing our inner insecurities. We trusted each other with our deepest regrets, struggles and fears. It was through our sister circle that I learned about sisterhood. There were many tears, hugs and affirmations.

My Interview With Ava DuVernay About Scandal


Last night’s episode of Scandal was the bonafide real deal TRUTH!! It was the hot oil in a black bottom skillet; the Kool in Kool-Aid! To quote one of our geniuses, it was “superbad, superslick” and it all came together so brilliantly under the direction of filmmaker Ava DuVernay! Please read my Ebony mag interview with this cinematic force of nature. Ava is so smart, fiercely her own woman, and all about Team Liv. I Read more…

19 Bizarre Things That Men Have Done At Least Once

photoHand me a late pass because today was the first day that I saw the list on Thought Catalog that was a compilation of statements from Reddit about some of the bizarre things that all women have done at least once. It was aptly entitled “27 Bizarre Things That All Women Have Done At Least Once”. Not for nothing, ewww.

The Shaming Of Tanya Fields: A Lesson In Respectability Breeding And Reproductive Justice


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A few years ago, singer Erykah Badu responded to critics after having 3 children by 3 different men. Her response letter resulted in internet gold when she vehemently proclaimed, “How dare you disrespect the queendom? I’ve never been so disgusted in all of my life… (You can) kiss my black placenta. Every relationship I’ve ever been in was because I loved the person dearly and was dedicated to us exclusively for a number of years.”

Hot Chicks and Big Guns Don’t Mix For The US Army?

ku-xlargeWhile vh1, Bravo, A&E, and the Black community have gone out of their way to convince us that pretty women are just as apt to and likely to fight as any man, apparently the general public (read people with sense and white people) hasn’t gotten that message. Or at least that’s what the US Army believes. In attempts to convince people that women are able to fulfill all of the roles of the US military (to include combat), a senior military analyst tasked with spreading the good news had this to say about recent efforts in that vein:

DC Events: Saturday, November 23 | 3 Kings – A Tribute Party to MJ, Prince, and Stevie

3kings2013This Saturday, November 23, 2013, in DC, we’re bringing you 3 Kings, a tribute party to MJ, Prince, and Stevie. With DJ Jahsonic (of Monday nights at Marvin fame), you will be dancing all night, and probably shake your body down to the ground. You may want to ki-ki-ki-ki-kiss somebody…especially if she’s your goldend lady.

Harry Belafonte Was Right About Jay-Z


Jay-ZWith the current controversy surrounding high-end retail store Barneys and racial profiling allegations, one thing stands evident. Harry Belafonte was right about Jay-Z. In the midst of this controversy, fans have called on Jay-Z to end his partnership with Barneys, in which his new holiday fashion line is going to be sold. Jay-Z’s response has been a calculated public relations effort in which he negates any real responsibility to his default, “I’m doing it for charity” statement. Currently, Jay-Z is continuing his partnership with Barneys with his collection set to launch next week.

Don’t Cry Bro! People Are Watching!

He is definitely going to cry in the car.

He is definitely going to cry in the car.

As I do on occasion, I was having a very interesting conversation with a very interesting woman in my life. Now this particular friend is one who I’m able to confide in and she does the same to me. We tend to tell each other the good, the bad, the ugly; Big said get your money ain’t no tellin’ if they gon’ love me.