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DC Events: Black Coffee Open Mic | Thursday, January 9

Black Coffee Open Mic FlyerThis Thursday, January 9th, I’m hosting an open mic at Avery’s Bar and Lounge from 8-11pm in support of the upcoming movie, Black Coffee, in theaters on January 10th. If you’re in DC and need some entertainment, come on through and enjoy the show! I have fun hosting events and I guarantee you will as well. Plus it’s free, there are giveaways and the first 30 people will receive a free gift bag and free dranks. It’s a win-win all the way around. Brought to you by the good folks from J and K Productions and myself for Very Smart Brothas.

Moyes in or Moyes out? A way forward for him and the Glazers.

So, David Moyes; should he stay, or should he go? It seems scarcely credible that, only a few months into the Scotsman’s tenure at Old Trafford, his departure should even be in question. Yet nerves are fraying as the former Everton manager presides over one of the most lacklustre title defences in recent memory. His side have taken only five points from a possible 24 against the other top 8 teams in the league, and are eleven points behind leaders Arsenal. They have already been knocked out of the FA Cup. They have lost five times at Old Trafford this season, including four of their last six. They are often playing football that is uninspired. Meanwhile, Moyes – who lacks the charisma of his predecessor, but then again who doesn’t – is very often defeatist about his team’s prospects.

Dear Mr. Gove, we need to talk about the Empire in our schools

I read with interest Michael Gove’s article in the Daily Mail, where he defended the changes that his Government has made to the UK’s history curriculum. He writes that these changes “have been welcomed by top academics as a way to give all children a proper rounded understanding of our country’s past and its place in the world.” Mr. Gove is particularly concerned by what he sees as left-wing revisionism about World War I, which by many has “been seen through the fictional prism of dramas such as Oh! What a Lovely War, The Monocled Mutineer and Blackadder, as a misbegotten shambles – a series of catastrophic mistakes perpetrated by an out-of-touch elite.”

10 Cheesy Phrases that Your Kids Need to Know about Success and Failure

This post is brought to you by the makers of Pine-Sol® Products. I have partnered with them to spread the word about the ‘When Life Gets Tough, Women Rise Above It’ campaign and sweepstakes. To enter the sweepstakes, visit All opinions and stories are my own. In this day and age where everybody gets Keep Reading →

Money Monday: 4 Ways to Practice Mindful Spending in 2014

Several years ago, food psychologist Dr. Brian Wansink released Mindless Eating, a revolutionary book that examined how we consume food without even thinking about why or what we’re eating. Our eating, in essence, becomes habitual. This mindless eating, Wansink argues, is a prime reason so many Americans are overweight. His take home lesson: we can Keep Reading →

Retail or Clearance Price: What Kind of Single Are You?

How often do you go grocery shopping? You may be in a rush or cruising the aisles, but take some time one day to notice how the store displays the food items, produce, etc. Some things are priced differently than others, the brand name items are listed next to the store/off-brand copies, and there are Keep Reading →

Marriage Can Be as Sexy in Real Life as Infidelity Appears on TV

I was a little late to the party, 3 seasons late to be exact. But I finally got caught up on all seasons of the popular TV show “Scandal”. Now that I am officially a Gladiator, I see what all the hype is about. There’s, of course, scandal, manipulation, power and sex. Sex by way Keep Reading →