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10 Sexy Text Messages to Help Keep Intimacy Fresh in Your Marriage After Valentine’s Day

It’s February and love is in the air. For couples all across the country, this month can either be a dream or a nightmare. If you thoroughly enjoy being intimate with your spouse, then you work extremely hard to keep the fire burning and your Boo satisfied. These days, there are so many options for Keep Reading →

5 Crucial Tactics For Crafting a Wealth Building Mindset and Securing Generational Wealth

Shifting your money mindset from spending to building wealth is the cornerstone of any wealth-building plan. Achieving this mindset begins with adjusting your overall approach to spending and your overall relationship with consumerism. In addition to the great suggestions offered in the video below, here are five ways you can craft a wealth building mindset and create generational Keep Reading →

5 Areas of Submission in Marriage Every Relationship Needs to Succeed

Submission is typically thought of as being compliant or obedient to someone else. However, in this context, a different consideration of the word submission is revealed. If you break this word down into its two parts, you have SUB and MISSION. Sub: a prefix meaning under, underneath, or below; as in submarine or sublevel Mission: an important goal, duty, Keep Reading →

How Can a White Husband Cope With Disrespectful Family Behavior?

Dear Dr. Buckingham, Good afternoon. I am writing to ask your advice about how I can cope with the disrespectful behavior that I experience from my wife’s family. I am a 34-year-old White male and my wife is a 30-year-old Black female. We have been married for 6 years now and I have yet to Keep Reading →

When students are the adults in the room…

http _o.aolcdn.com_hss_storage_midas_18225921d19f4c84549f520b773fa36_206140581_lie+inI thought I knew how an intoxicant can infect the mind of an individual. I’ve seen it first hand, when my brother, in an effort to help a friend, fell victim to the taste of alcohol, then slipped down the slope of even more addictive drugs. He lost that fight with his life, and I lost the fight in trying to save him.  I had taken him to the hospital on several occasions only to get  him there in time to help him cling to the little life that was left in him, only to cycle back into the same vicious circle of addiction as before.

3 Powerful Relationship Lessons From ‘Black Panther’ That Can Transform Black Love (Spoiler Alert)

Black Panther has finally hit the big screen, and man it did not disappoint! My husband and I went to see the movie (sans any Afrocentric garb–unfortunately I didn’t get the memo in time) and I was caught up in the rapture of the breathtaking imagery and revolutionary themes the film delivered. As the latest installment Keep Reading →

Black Panther: an emotional response.

So (no spoilers!) I watched Black Panther last night. My God. I’m not going to write a review, because I’m relatively late to see the film and a thousand majestic dissections have already appeared online. Instead I will only write a hopefully brief emotional response, since that’s the only thing I can add that might be somewhat fresh.

Dear Black People Going To See Black Panther

Black Panther World Premiere
HOLLYWOOD, CA – JANUARY 29: Actor Angela Bassett at the Los Angeles World Premiere of Marvel Studios’ BLACK PANTHER at Dolby Theatre on January 29, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney) *** Local Caption *** Angela Bassett

Negative Nancys are out here trying to shame folks for being excited about the film Black Panther.

Well, I’m here to say this loudly:

It’s fine to wear African clothing, dance, relax and have fun.

All of this is perfectly normal and human. Furthermore, it’s beautiful to see all of this melanin on my timeline adorned in African inspired clothing, with positive Black messages.

5 Important Reasons You Need a Vision for Your Marriage

I’m going to keep it real right now. I am naturally a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of a woman. I enjoy spontaneity, surprises, and going with the flow. What will be, will be. There are days I just LOVE that about myself. And then, there are other days. You know, the Keep Reading →

My cold take on that new Nike ad.

So, about that Nike advert, which was greeted with widespread ecstasy on social media when it was released last week. Some might say it was “just a commercial” – and, in one sense, it was. From one perspective, it was merely a three-minute celebration of some of the capital’s finest artists and athletes, a uniquely emotive seduction of the wallets of London’s young. From another point of view, though, it was particularly powerful. So many young Londoners, when watching this short film, reacted with an online euphoria that I hadn’t witnessed since the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics. So many of them felt seen, and understood. Notwithstanding the passionate critiques made by several on Twitter – namely, that people of South Asian heritage were underrepresented in this commercial – it was a piece of work that struck a cultural touchstone.

What Communities Need to Know About Sex Trafficking

What communities need to know about sex trafficking
Young girl, alone.

A few years ago, I watched the documentary, “Very Young Girls.” It featured the stories of young girls in New York City that had been sex trafficked by pimps. Some of the girls were as young as 12 years old. What surprised me most in the film was that instead of trying to save these children, in many cases authorities treated them like criminals. There was even a prosecutor trying to get one of the girls punished with jail time. Here was a child victim of sex trafficking, sobbing in the court room and the state was trying to send her to jail. Instead of advocating for rehabilitation and protection, the legal system had turned against her.

Affair Repair- 4 Reasons to L.O.V.E. Valentine’s Day!

We are approaching “that” holiday, yeah you know the one:  Valentine’s Day!  The main day devoted to ALL things romance! No matter where you are in your affair repair, Valentine’s Day is not to be ignored. Societal conditioning tells us that acts of love have to be grand gestures.  However, I’d like to lovingly challenge Keep Reading →