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7 Ways to Boost Your Teen Girls’ Confidence with a Modern-Day Twist

When I look at my daughters, I think “If I was half as pretty, smart and talented as they are now, I would have been dangerous in high school.”  The problem with that statement is that I was just as pretty, smart and talented in high school, but I did not realize it and I Keep Reading →

Is He Soulmate Material? Here’s How You Can Tell

Dear Dr. Buckingham, I have been in a relationship for 6 years. It started out wrong because my partner and I were both going through separations. We both agreed that we wanted to do things right by completely divorcing and then getting married one year later. I divorced first, but my partner started a new Keep Reading →

“It’s Complicated”: 3 Social Media Mistakes That Can Negatively Impact Your Relationship Status

When you want to change your relationship status from “single” to “in a relationship,” social media can make your dating life complicated unnecessarily.  You follow him on Facebook to find out if he’s employed instead of just asking him questions directly; he cyberstalks you right after you connect on, liking photos and leaving comments Keep Reading →

4 Ways to Mend Your Relationship After a Painful Experience

When you experience something painful in your marriage, you have to make a decision that you will not let the pain destroy your partnership. Getting your marriage back to a good place will be challenging, especially if your relationship was shaky before the painful experience took place. Marriage can be hard work when things are wonderful, so when the “worse” Keep Reading →

J.Crew Apologizes For Black Model’s Hair Style


J. Crew and it’s sister brand Madewell recently faced major backlash for the styling of a black model’s hair. The photo went viral and many social media users accused the brand of being neglectful by not hiring someone who knew how to style black hair.

3 Effective Ways to Defuse Conflict and Achieve Marital Peace

As you can imagine, two imperfect people will definitely generate disagreement, frustration and, yes, conflict in a relationship. When you marry, you bring your flaws, a little of the past, and a moderate amount of baggage. In that baggage is the hurt others have caused, your unforgiveness, and the triggers that remind you of just how hard-nosed you have Keep Reading →

The Hilarity of Black Pain

Get Out, the movie thriller that both horrified and effectively unveiled several layers of racialized oppression, is apparently a “comedy.” This is according to the good people at the Golden Globes, leaving many viewers like myself baffled. Get Out focused on a secret group of white body-snatchers that kidnaps young Black people to take over their […]

3 Simple Tips for Investing in Your Wife

Recently, I wrote an article offering 3 Simple Tips for wives to invest in their husbands. I was encouraged by the women, both single and married, who were already doing these things in their relationships or were looking forward to investing in their future husbands. For many women, nurturing a relationship comes naturally. We are Keep Reading →

What Should I Do to Create Sexual Bliss in My Sexless Marriage?

Dear Dr. Buckingham, I’m 30 years old my husband is 40 years old. We have been married for 2 years but together for 6. He is a nice guy and loves me very much. I love him because I know he loves me. Over the past year, we have had sex literally four times. Sex Keep Reading →

Alone Doesn’t Have to Mean Lonely: Your Single for the Holidays Survival Guide

Just because you’re alone for the holidays, doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. Loneliness is a choice. I discovered this truth when I was nursing my wounds from a sudden breakup with my boyfriend right before Christmas. Although I’ve been happily married now for 11 years, I still remember the pain of discovering the Keep Reading →