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Tips to Make Math Your Child’s Favorite Subject

(StatePoint) For many students, math can seem like a chore. Not only are the concepts sometimes tough at first, but teachers are required to keep their lessons moving at a particular pace, making it easy for any student to get lost in the classroom shuffle.

M-STEP results in math and social studies improve in nearly all grades in 2017

LANSING – Statewide M-STEP scores this year show mathematics and social studies proficiency gains in eight of nine grades tested, and 11th grade SAT scores also showed improvement, the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) reported today.

Top things to consider when selecting after school activities for kids

(StatePoint) Parents seeking positive, meaningful extracurricular activities for their children may struggle to identify the right programs for their kids, especially if busy family schedules limit options. While many youth programs help children socialize and learn new skills, some go further to help shape who kids may become as adults.

Meet The New CFO of The Obama Foundation

Growing up in the Sheldon Heights neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago, Ralph Leslie could not have dreamed that one day he would work with the nation’s first African American president as the chief financial officer for his foundation– and yet that’s exactly what happened.

City Year Detroit kicks off new school year with celebration, Quicken Loans announcement

Quicken Loans, the the number of corps members and resources in classrooms throughout Detroit, particularly those in the city’s Cody “Quicken Loans is heavily focused on enriching the learning experience for Detroit Public Schools students by providing resources as well as program creation and execution,” said Chris Uhl, vice president of strategic investments, Quicken Loans Community Investment Fund. “The City Year team is very inspirational, and we’re excited to partner with an organization that shares our passion in helping these students reach their maximum potential.”

J Lin Dawson: Clark Atlanta University’s Athletic Director Is “Finding a Way”

The Chicago Football Classic is celebrating 20 years of hosting its annual weekend of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) collegiate excellence and entertainment. Chicago businessmen Everett Rand, Tim Rand and Larry Huggins are the founders of the CFC, which has become reputable for inspiring African American high school and college students.

Back-To-School Sound Off: A Look at Chicago Schools Through the Eyes of Students

Chicago’s political climate grants a soapbox and a stage for a variety of performers. As students around the city welcome a new school year, the political theatrics dealing with education have shown no signs of slowing down.

College Freshman’s ‘Thank You, Dad’ Tweet Goes Viral

For Charles Brockman III, an incoming freshman at Mississippi State University, a personal tweet illustrating his father’s impact on his academic journey went viral after tugging at the hearts of Twitter users, NBC News reports.

Tips to Teach Your Children about Money

(StatePoint) It’s never too early to think about the lessons your children are learning about money. Setting a good financial example is just the start. Parents should also actively engage children on the topic. These lessons can help put kids and teens on the right path towards a financially responsible adulthood.

Why Experts Say High-Speed Internet Access Matters to Families and Businesses Nationwide

(StatePoint) In the same way the telephone brought new opportunities for business development and economic prosperity to America’s heartland decades ago, experts say that today, expanding broadband to every part of the country will have positive impacts on all communities nationwide. In short: no matter where you live it’s important that all Americans — including those in more remote areas — have broadband access, too.

5 Easy Ways Families Can Go Green When Packing School Lunches

(StatePoint) While packing lunch for the kids can seem like a daily grind, you can use the task as an opportunity to help kids form great lifelong habits.

Here are five small ways changing your lunch-making routine can have large, positive impacts on the environment, your wallet and your kids’ health.