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Unarmed Black Man Shot By Texas Cop Struggles To Pay Hospital Bills

In a scenario that is as old as this nation, a Black man was hospitalized after being shot by the police in Mesquite, Texas, for, get this, sitting in his own vehicle after accidentally setting off his alarm.

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Four steps to disaster-proof your finances


Mother Nature could be excused if she wondered, “How much more prompting do you people need?”

This year delivered epic wildfires, devastating hurricanes, massive floods and some pretty horrific earthquakes. Yet many people still haven’t taken a few critical steps to protect their financial lives from such disasters.

Appalling: Sheriff’s Deputy Dresses In Blackface As Rep. Frederica Wilson

The York-Poquoson (Virginia) sheriff disciplined a deputy, who dressed in blackface for her Halloween costume of Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.), only after the local NAACP chapter informed the media, WNCT-TV reported.

WATCH: New Docuseries Compares FBI’s ‘Black Identity Extremist’ Surveillance to COINTELPRO

Fault Lines, an investigative docuseries, recently released an episode comparing COINTELPRO to the FBI’s ongoing surveillance of Black Lives Matter organizers and others they call “Black Identity Extremists,” Al Jazeera reported.

Highmark Health ‘walking the walk’ in providing opportunities for small businesses

HITTING THE MARK—Robert James, Supplier Diversity Program Manager for Highmark Health, during their Inaugural Small Business Forum Luncheon. (Photos by Diane I. Daniels)

Highmark Health hit the mark with participants during their recent Inaugural Small Business Forum Luncheon. The aim of the educational matchmaking event, according to Robert James, Highmark Health Supplier Diversity Program Manager, was to provide the opportunity for small businesses to present their products and services to

What Trump’s Tax Plan Means For The Average Black Family

The president’s apparent intentional systematic destruction of the middle-, lower- and underclasses could continue in a devastating fashion if his efforts at tax reform are enacted into law. Americans were one step closer to that reality after House Republicans passed its tax plan on Thursday afternoon.

Homeland Security Head: ‘Lazy’ Blacks Turned ‘Cities To Slums’

An appointed official in the Department of Homeland Security came under heavy fire Thursday after revelations about his racist remarks about Blacks on conservative radio.

Rev. Jamie Johnson, the department’s head of faith-based and neighborhood partnerships, made derogatory comments in 2008 that recently resurfaced in a CNN report. He said African Americans were to blame for having turned cities into “slums” in a radio interview on the “The Right Balance” on Accent Radio Network.

Tyrese’s Ex Demands He Get A Mental Evaluation + He Says He’s Broke

It’s no surprise that the ongoing public meltdown of Tyrese was eventually going to impact his custody case with his ex-wife – and it finally has. It’s being reported that Tyrese’s ex-wife Norma Gibson is now demanding that the troubled singer/actor get a mental evaluation.

California may limit liability of self-driving carmakers

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — California regulators are embracing a General Motors recommendation that would help makers of self-driving cars avoid paying for accidents and other trouble, raising concerns that the proposal will put an unfair burden on vehicle owners.

After Obama, Trump’s Other Reasons For Reversing Ban On Elephant Trophies From Africa

The president’s decision to end the ban on Americans bringing elephant trophies back from Africa continued his trend of trying to undo the presidential legacy of Barack Obama. But there’s a real good chance that’s not the only reason Donald Trump wanted to allow hunters to return to the U.S. with the wildlife game they’ve killed in Zimbabwe and Zambia.