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‘Black Panther’—Best Marvel movie ever (Feb. 21)

Let’s get straight to the point: “Black Panther” is the best Marvel movie to date.

The cast, special effects, fight scenes, and storyline makes for an enjoyable cinematic experience.

IN HIS OWN WORDS …‘The Lost Tapes: Malcolm X’ to premiere on Smithsonian Channel, Feb. 26

MALCOLM X (Photo courtesy Smithsonian Channel)

Black History Month isn’t complete without one’s knowledge of Malcolm X.

Some loved him, others despised him. What’s non-debatable was the impact he had during the Civil Rights Era in America.

Mortgages get more expensive as rates hit near four-year peak

In this Tuesday, June 9, 2015, file photo, a “Sold” sign is displayed in the yard of a newly-constructed home in the Briar Chapel community in Chapel Hill, N.C.  (AP Photo/Gerry Broome, File)

WQED-TV airs outstanding documentary: “A Beacon for Change: The Pittsburgh Courier Story” (VIDEO)

WQED-TV Presents: A Beacon for Change: The Pittsburgh Courier Story

Groundbreaking, influential, transformative. From its beginnings in 1907, the Pittsburgh Courier has been a leader among the nation’s African American newspapers – sparking historic change on issues ranging from education, housing and employment to discrimination in the military. With rare archival images and compelling interviews, this documentary explores the Courier’s impact on civil rights, social justice, culture and sports. The paper also provided historians with an invaluable chronicle of everyday life in the black community.

Justin Timberlake for the Super Bowl halftime show? He’s no Prince! (Bill Neal’s column Feb. 21)


:10—Please…Do me a favor and for that matter do yourself a favor and stop lying. You did not have the “Philly Dogs” winning the Super Bowl. Yea, you may have wanted them to win, but you, me and 75 percent of the country had “Tom Terrific” and “Super Bill” Belichick taking home Lombardi. Admit it and life will be better for you, I promise.

Meet 2018’s Black Candidates For Governor

There have been two African Americans elected governor in the United States. At least one of the (numerous) Black candidates running for governor in 2018 is bound to seriously compete given the pushback against President Donald Trump that was seen in the 2017 election cycle.

How This New Resource Is Helping Black Businesses Get Funding

By Ryan Velez

Black and woman-owned businesses are among some of the fastest growing selections in the sector. However, they often don’t get the most return on their efforts due to the fact that they need financing and resources in order to get started, and these are typically in shorter supply than what white entrepreneurs have access to. Black Enterprise reported on a new public effort that may try to bring some balance to this area, Venturize.

Why Aren’t K-12 Students Learning About Money?

By Ryan Velez

Black Enterprise recently shared some CNBC information about finance courses in children’s schools, something that could be useful considering the current economic climate and the costs of a college education. The wealth gap means that Black children are especially impacted by this issue.

Read How Phylicia Rashad And Denzel Washington Truly Influenced Chadwick Boseman

By Ryan Velez

In any career path, we need mentorship and support from those before us. In many cases, it’s difficult for Black people to have this because there aren’t that many people in the position to help. Madame Noire reports that in the midst of the Black Panther-fever going around, Rolling Stone recently revealed a story of how Chadwick Boseman got help while learning the craft of acting at some of the top schools in the world.

MediaTakeOut Founder Launches App For Children

By Ryan Velez

Rolling Out reports that founder, entrepreneur, and attorney, Fred Mwangaguhunga is planning to take advantage of the recent split of YouTube and Amazon with his new app for kids, designed to serve as a YouTube alternative,

Pashman commits to development for all

STEFANI PASHMAN, Allegheny Conference on Community Development CEO, addresses attendees. (Photo by J.L. Martello)

In her address at the African American Chamber of Commerce PowerBreakfast meeting, Feb. 16, new Allegheny Conference on Community Development CEO Stefani Pashman said the conference is committed to increasing diversity in regional business supply chains and on corporate boards.

Breaking into the oil and natural gas industry

TYRA METOYER, the external mobilization manager for the American Petroleum Institute. (Freddie Allen/AMG/NNPA)

(NNPA)—As industry insiders tout the growing opportunities for Blacks and other minorities in the oil and natural gas sector, breaking into the industry can still present challenges.