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MINI Gives Women Stage To Share What Drives Them

With the Chicago Auto Show as a backdrop, MINI gave women of color from various business backgrounds an opportunity to share their stories in front of a live audience with the goal of inspiring other women along their respective journeys to success.

Ricardo Williams preparing for ‘How to do Business Series’

IN HIS ELEMENT—Ricardo J. Williams, Manager of the Equity and Inclusion for the City of Pittsburgh, discusses the upcoming City of Pittsburgh WBE How to do Business Series. (Photo by Diane I. Daniels)

Check It Out …Marvel’s ‘Black Panther:’ A marketing review (J. Pharaoh Doss’ column Feb. 14)


Before the movie “Black Panther” debuted in theaters a petition hash tagged “Break Bread Marvel” launched on

The petitioner wrote, “Through a clever, well-manufactured marketing campaign Marvel studios and their parent company Walt Disney have targeted the Black community with advertisements for the upcoming ‘Black Panther’ film.”

How Some Companies Are Paying Workers To Be Financially Responsible

By Ryan Velez

It’s hard to do well at work when you’re stressed out, and one of the things most likely to stress
you out on any given day is money troubles. Perhaps this is why the Wall Street Journal reports that some companies are putting out financial incentives for their employees to make smart financial decisions.

Mo’Nique Owes Over $500K In Unpaid Taxes

By Ryan Velez

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports that Mo’Nique may be dealing with some tax troubles. Based on the Department of Treasury records, the comedienne and Duluth resident owes even more money.

Check Out The New Company Started By Will And Jaden Smith

By Ryan Velez

For Jaden Smith, caring about the environment came early. At the age of 10, he was so upset by seeing plastic water bottles in the ocean around him while surfing that he told his parents. This would translate into learning about The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Today, he has partnered with his father, Will Smith, to try and do something about this. ABC News reports that they have created Just, an eco-friendly bottled water company.

Power Moves: A Conference to Channel Black Women’s Growing Political Strength

African-American women will gather for the Power Rising: Building an Agenda for Black Women Summit on Feb. 22 in Atlanta to capitalize on their growing political and economic strength.

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Suspended NFL Player Aldon Smith Says He Can’t Pay Child Support

By Ryan Velez

For the average person, they may feel that the money that comes with an NFL deal would be enough to set them up for life. However, it’s not always that simple, as The Daily Mail reports that one player, suspended from the field, now can’t make his child support payments. Suspended Oakland Raiders linebacker Aldon Smith is now requesting a reduction in payments, having not had any income since being banned following a third DUI in 2015.

Injured Steelers LB Ryan Shazier vows to play again

Courier Steelers Photo by Brian Cook (Aug. 26, 2017)

PITTSBURGH (AP) — Injured Pittsburgh Steelers Ryan Shazier doesn’t just plan to play again following a spinal injury. He says he wants to make it all the way to the Hall of Fame.