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ICYMI: How a white architect is the granddaddy of hip-hop

Back in September, we ran a story about architect and Highland Park native Michael Ford

Ford asserts that the grandfather of hip-hop “came long before the 1970s when DJ Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaattaa were dropping beats on Sedgwick Avenue in the South Bronx.” The whole thing, he says, was inspired by architect LeCorbusier.

Who’s the Best Dressed Lion?

As the Lions go in to their game v. Green Bay, the team seriously wants to know: Who’s the best-dressed Lion?

Check out the five candidates here, and more photos from the road trip (and we think additional candidates) here.

Who do you think the winner is? Let us know! 

Report: Jim Harbaugh will accept University of Michigan coaching job

In recent days, a number of observers have speculated that San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh would take a job as the next coach of the University of Michigan’s football team. If Jason Cole of The Bleacher Report is correct, Ann Arbor should roll out the welcome mats:

Snyder green-lights historically ineffective program to drug test welfare recipients

Welfare recipients in three counties across Michigan may be subjected to drug tests as part of a one-year pilot program created under a law signed Friday by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder.

By all accounts, it’s a pointless, ineffective exercise.

Get outside and do something, Detroit!

You used to play outside all the time as a kid and then you stopped. Why?

Winter in metro Detroit is prime time for a plethora of outdoor activities from skiing and skating to ice fishing and tobagganing— just take a peek at these vintage photos of outdoor winter fun to get inspired.

Emagine Canton will screen ‘The Interview’ for free

You may have heard about the controversy surrounding the release of a movie called The Interview. It stars Seth Rogan and James Franco as the pair attempt to assassinate North Korea’s Kim Jong Un with the help of the CIA.…

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Merry Christmas from Metro Times!

Merry Christmas, MT Readers! 

We were thinking of you this morning, when we re-discovered the James Brown classic Christmas album, Funky Christmas. The album features such songs as “Christmas is Love” and “Santa Claus, Go Straight to the Ghetto.” 

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Flipping through records at Ann Arbor’s Underground Sounds

by Ryan Felton
For years, Underground Sounds owner Matt Brandish has been fulfilling music lovers across metro Detroit with whatever their needs may be. Situated along a busy stretch of Liberty Street in downtown Ann Arbor, Underground Sounds features a vast selection of garage, classic rock ‘n’ roll, punk, indie rock, hardcore, and more.…