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Why Does Bill Schuette Hate Sick People?

The very first time I started reporting for the Higher Ground column in 2009, marijuana activists were outspoken about their opposition to Bill Schuette, then a candidate for state attorney general. Schuette won — and has carried on a vendetta against patients, caregivers and dispensaries operating under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.

R.I.P. Bootsey X

We’re sad to report that Bootsey X, whose real name was Robert Mulrooney, died after a long struggle with brain cancer. Best known as the leader of his own band, Bootsey X & the Lovemasters, he also played with the Ramrods, Dark Carnival, Coldcock, the Sillies and Rocket 455, among other bands.

Lessenberry… gives Bush credit?


Dear Editor:
re: “Something Good to Celebrate”; [Politics and Prejudices, Nov. 27-Dec. 3, 2013]
As much as I like to criticize Jack Lessenberry in his political columns (since it is usually based on more opinion than fact), I was stunned that he actually gave George Bush (cringe) credit for starting the auto bailouts. This is a fact that most Liberals ignore.

Detroit Food This Week

Back to Pie — As the holiday season approaches, pie begins to feature prominently in our meals. The festive dish insinuates itself into our meals as a dessert — or as a 3 a.m. snack eaten while standing in front of the refrigerator. But the same thing happens with local bakeries, who shift gears to produce more and greater varieties of pie than during the rest of the year. One of those hardworking establishments is Bake Station Bakery, with locations in Southfield and Farmington Hills. Around this time of year, they’ll crank up their ovens to produce caramel-apple, apple-pumpkin, pumpkin-cream, chocolate-cream, lemon meringue and blueberry pies. What’s more, since they’re kosher and pareve, it’s all nut- and dairy-free for those with dietary concerns. Taste for yourself, at 30760 Southfield Rd., Southfield; 248-723-9000;

Detroit Pleasure Society

Just the use of the word “jazz” will already have some people switching off. What was once a vibrant and exciting art form (often referred to as the “one true American art form”) is now all-too-often viewed as old, tired and basically a sit-down affair. Music to eat spinach dip to. It’s perceived to be that way because, to be honest, it often is that way. Pseudo-intellectuals entertaining the dinner crowd with muted old standards. Enough with this cabaret jazz shit.

New Miles Davis Box Set

Miles Davis
The Original Mono Recordings / Nine CD Box Set
Columbia Legacy

You would be hard-pressed to find a jazz fan that believes the music of the great Miles Davis doesn’t deserve a revisit. Thank you, Columbia, because the label has obliged with a nine-disc set of stunning material, much of it rare and originally recorded between ’56 and ’61.

Film Review: The Armstrong Lie

The Armstrong Lie | C+

World champion cyclist Lance Armstrong cheated. And then he lied. And now he can’t seem to fully admit just how deep his lies went. Worse, he doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of remorse about his dishonesty, which of course makes his very public apologies yet more lies.

Gilbert Gottfried

Controversial, grating, obnoxious, offensive — comedian Gilbert Gottfried has been accused of being all of those things, and justifiably so. It’s all an act, though. Maybe we shouldn’t have been surprised that he was soft-spoken (relatively anyway) and charming in conversation, but he was. Humble too. But don’t expect any of that nice stuff during his appearance Friday at the Magic Bag.
— Brett Callwood

MythBusters tour stops at the Fox

Ever wonder whether dropping a penny from the observation deck of the Empire State Building would penetrate someone’s skull at street level? Is the combination of  Pop Rocks and Coke lethally combustible? 

Slam bam

Q: I’m a bi-woman in my mid-20s and in a great monogamish relationship with my straight boyfriend. We occasionally invite other women into our sex life, which is really enjoyable for both of us since other women don’t threaten him — only other men — which isn’t an issue since I’m not interested in any other men.