Author: Alisha Dixon

Racist Attack At Cornell University Prompts Soul Searching

Cornell University’s President, Martha E. Pollack, is leading the ivy league school into a period of soul searching after a racist attack.

“This is not who we are,” Pollack said in a statement, as she announced that the university would soon launch a presidential task force that’s “charged with examining and addressing persistent problems of bigotry and intolerance at Cornell.”

Federal Funding Of Black Panther Party Research Project Enrages Conservatives

Conservatives are displeased with a federal grant announcement that they say honors the legacy of 1960s Black militants.

The Washington Free Beacon was among the first conservative news outlets to report that the National Park Service awarded the University of California, Berkeley a $97,999.70 grant for a research project on the Black Panther Party.

Will The FBI Investigate Kenneka Jenkins’ Death?

Frustrated with the local police investigation of Kenneka Jenkins’ death, some Chicago activists are planning protests to encourage the FBI to examine the case.

Community activist Mark Carter intends to lead a 30-day protest targeting businesses in Rosemont, Illinois, where 19-year-old Jenkins was found dead in a hotel walk-in freezer, to prompt an independent investigation.

Black People Reimagine ‘Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’

There’s a buzz in the air about the possibility of remaking “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” with a Black boy as the movie’s hero.

NAACP Saw This Coming: Missouri White Ex-Cop Acquitted Of Killing Anthony Lamar Smith

In August, the Missouri NAACP issued its first statewide travel advisory to people of color, warning of state-backed racial discrimination. A judge’s ruling that lets a White former St. Louis cop off the hook for killing a Black suspect adds credence to that warning.

‘Shut Up, Slave:’ White Man Charged With Hate Crime For Assault At Chicago Starbucks

A White man caught on video assaulting random Black people outside a Chicago Starbucks now faces serious penalties.

The Washington Post reports that charges against 24-year-old William Boucher have been upgraded from misdemeanor battery to felony hate crime charges.

Gun Ownership & Concealed Carry Licenses Skyrocket Among Black Women In Chicago

One of the least likely demographic groups in Chicago is purchasing more guns, learning how to shoot and obtaining concealed carry permits.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Cook County’s Black women had the “sharpest growth” in receiving concealed carry gun permits, at 67 percent from 2014 to 2016.

University’s Black president courts controversy with Betsy DeVos invitation

Bethune-Cookman University students greeted U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos with boos and turned backs at the HBCU’s 2017 commencement. This response to her speech came after students, faculty and alumni voiced strong opposition to her invitation to address the graduating class.

Kaepernick, others defend Jemele Hill after ESPN’s rebuke for calling Trump ‘White supremacist’

Jemele Hill, the co-host of ESPN’s “His & Hers,” voiced an opinion that many across the African-American community believe: President Donald Trump is a racist. Her bosses at ESPN, however, were displeased that she tweeted that sentiment.

5 Times Facebook Live Sparked Police Investigations

Facebook Live video is once again central to a police investigation, this time in the mystery surrounding the death of 19-year-old Kenneka Jenkins.

Investigators said they are taking a close look at a video that went viral. Social media users have been on top of this story from the start—some would say leading the investigation of Jenkins’ death for the police.

Nigerian student swindles companies out of $3.7 million in email scam

A Nigerian citizen living in the United States on a student visa will be spending the next few years in a U.S. prison instead of a college campus.

U.S. District Judge Ed Kinkeade sentenced Amechi Colvis Amuegbunam to 46 months in federal prison for spearheading an email scam that swindled more than 10 companies out of about $3.7 million The Dallas Morning News reports.