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You Should Probably See This If You Believe The Apocalypse Is Near

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With all that’s going on in the world today, it does sometimes feel as though the end of times are near.

There’s Now A Female Traffic Light Signal And Some Folks Are Freaking Out

Crossing Guard

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Last year, women took another huge step forward on the road to equality and became apart of the traffic world.

Back in March, it was reported that Melbourne had created a female traffic light signal that lets people know whether or not to cross the street on a busy road.

Brrr AF: How Cold Is It Really?

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Record breaking low temperatures have swept most of the East Coast and Northern States in the U.S., which means New Years Eve is finna be a breeze — literally.

WWYD? You Won’t Believe What This Pastor Did After Finding A $6.5 Million Diamond

2016 Billboard Music Awards - Press Room

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Last week, we told you about the homeless man who got lucky and made off with $354K that he found at a Paris Airport — but a similar situation recently happened to a an African pastor and what he did with his findings was completely opposite of the homeless man’s decision to keep the money for himself.

Have You Ever Had Trouble Falling Asleep When Your Cell Phone Is Nearby?

Two young women look down, horrified, at mobile phone

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Cell Phones are totally a gift and a curse to today’s society — the convenience of it makes life a little easier, but the health warning signs are pretty dangerous.

According to The New York Daily News:

Christmas Came Early: Now You Can “Snooze” Folks On Facebook


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Facebook has become a mecca for news, viral videos and catching up with family and friends you haven’t seen in years.

The social network is the birthplace of the social media rant — and sometimes you just want to unfollow folks for a little while. Thanks to the good folks at FB, now you can with the “snooze” button.

RoboCop: If You Didn’t Think Robots Were Taking Over The World Before — Check This Out

Inside The International Robot Exhibition

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We’ve all seen the photos and laughed at the jokes about Sophia The Robot and other machines like her replacing humans in the workplace.

See How This Underprivileged Teen Went From College Dropout To The Top Pick For Schools Around The Country

Thayer Hall, West Point Military Academy campus...

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Sometimes all it takes is a little magic to get things done.

Teenager Drew Anthony had a pretty rough upbringing, growing up in the inner city without his father who was killed in a drive by shooting when Anthony was just 3. But against the odds, he continued to excel in school, even learning to speak German and Italian.

#We’reWithKeaton: This Emotional Clip Is Proof Why Bullying Needs To Stop

Teenage boys bully classmate in school hallway.

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A middle schooler from Tennessee is teaching the world how painful bullying is, and how far we still have to go as a society.

Keaton Jones went viral over the weekend after his mother recorded a video of him describing the mean and hurtful things he’s suffered at the hands of bullies at his school.

Say What? Google Is Now Letting Celebrities Answer Your Search Questions


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The future is now upon us.

Instead of typing in a random  question about your favorite celeb and getting a generic Internet answer — now you can get the answer straight from the star themselves. On Thursday, Google launched a new search feature that will have celebs answering commonly searched questions about themselves in the form of selfie videos that show up at the top of mobile search results.