Author: Corey Williams, Associated Press Writer

Woah Dere! Here’s Why You Should Be Checking Your Uber Receipts Often

UBER Cabs Booking Using Mobile App

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How often do you randomly check your Uber receipts? If you didn’t do it much before, then you should start now because Uber “phantom rides” are a thing again.

Texas Sheriff Threatens To Criminally Charge Driver Of A Pickup Truck With ‘F*** Trump’ Sticker On It


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We’re living in a time where instead of making a crude, ill-mannered bigot face the consequences of his horrible actions, we punish the people who speak out against his oppressive ways.

Here’s Why Google Is Honoring Nigerian Author Chinua Achebe With His Very Own Google Doodle

Chinua Achebe

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On November 16, Google paid homage to Africa’s greatest story teller, Chinua Achebe, by changing it’s logo to a powerful Google doodle of the legend.

R.I.P: Today Marks 15 Years Since The Death Of ‘Steve Harvey Show’ Star Merlin Santana

Merlin Santana

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It’s been 15 years since child actor/rapper/film star Merlin Santana was shot and killed in the Crenshaw district of California by two random gun men. He was just 26 years old.

Winter Blues? These 7 Tips Will Help You When You’re Feeling S.A.D.

Woman Shoveling Snow

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There’s something about the energy in the air that let’s you know Autumn is coming to an end —  time goes back an hour, the sun sets earlier and the bitter, cold weather starts to set in.

This Rapping Math Teacher Dropping Bars About Geometry Will Make You Miss High School


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Illinois math teacher, Cassie Crim, is now a viral sensation after using her rapping skills to help her students learn math.

WATCH: Samsung Threw Hella Shade At Apple In It’s Latest Ad

Launch Of Iphone X At Apple Store Saint Germain In Paris

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2017 is almost over and there’s still an age-old beef that needs to be settled: Samsung vs Apple.

Though the majority of the human population are Apple users, Samsung has managed to hold their own for years, despite the stiff competition. Plus the Korean corporation has never been shy about making fun of Apple and all the mania attached to it.

WTF! Florida Couple Finds Way More Than They Bargained For In Their Amazon Order


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Everyone likes a nice surprise,  unless it’s several pounds of illegal drugs hidden inside your order of plastic bins.

That was the case for one Florida couple who ordered plastic storage bins from Amazon and found 65 pounds of marijuana mysteriously stashed inside.

KFC Only Follows 11 People On Twitter — Here’s Why

A Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restauran...


And the award for most clever social media strategy goes to Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The food chain is currently only following 11 people on Twitter — but why is that such a big deal? Well, whoever is in charge of KFC’s account found the most ingenious way to stick to the company’s slogan of “11 different herbs and spices” and literally only followed Herbs and Spices.

WATCH: Here’s Why #GravitationalWaves Is Trending And What It Looks Like

Florida Prepares For Major Hit By Hurricane Irma

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We’re embarking on a whole new era as a planet.

According to NASA, for the first time ever, “scientist at LIGO have directly detected gravitational waves and light from a huge collision of neutron stars. Astronomers were able to observe this spectacular event from virtually every time of energy and wavelength.