Author: Roz Edward, Michigan Chronicle Managing Editor

Rest In Peace: Toys ‘R’ Us Founder Dead One Week After Company Goes Under

Charles Lazarus with Toy Truck

Source: Cheryl Chenet / Getty

Toys “R” Us founder Charles Lazarus has passed away at the age 94 years old, just one week after the company announced it plans to shut down all U.S. operations. It’s quite possible Lazarus died of a broken heart. As Just Jared reports, he started the company back in 1948 when he was just 25 years old “in anticipation of the baby boom” and remained CEO until 1994—only to see it closing down in 2018, of course.

Jay Z Invests $3 Million Into An App That Could Change The Face Of Our Criminal Justice System

Jay Z

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By way of Roc Nation, Jay Z has reportedly invested $3 million dollars into an app that aims to improve the United States criminal justice system. ‘Promise’ was founded by Prince’s former manager, Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, and Miss Info reports the app will use smartphone tech to  “create a cost-effective and more humane alternative to incarceration.”

The Woman Who Gouged Her Own Eyes Out About A Month Ago Has A Cryptic Message For You

Woman With Blond Hair Seen Hiding Her Face Through A Window With Blinds

Source: Peter Glass / Design Pics / Getty

If you ain’t saying “no” to drugs after reading this ruthless story, stop, drop, and reevaluate life.

Last month, Kaylee Muthart scraped her own eyeballs out while hallucinating on meth. Updating the world on her real-life horror story, Kaylee says she became addicted to the drug after smoking weed she didn’t know was laced with either meth or cocaine. Hear that kids?

Thanks To Locals, This Giant Spider Survived Australian Flood Waters

Is O.J. Finally Ready To Confess To The Murder Of Nicole Brown? Possibly.

The Simpsons At Harley Davidson Café

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O.J. Simpson‘s Fox special If I Did It is on its way, but you can get a sneak peek now.

In the clip, posted by TMZ, The Juice looks very uncomfortable and while he’s supposed to be talking in hypotheticals, that’s not at all what goes on in the clip. In fact, he oddly admits speaking in hypotheticals is “difficult” for him.

This Little Girl Falling From A Ski Lift Is Our Worst Skiing Nightmare Come True

A girl was sitting next to who we assume were her mom and sister on a ski lift in Indiana when she began to slip. Her mom held on to her until staff advised that she let go, at which point they worked together to break the little girl’s fall.

After Breaking Into Someone’s Home, Stranger Shits Himself & Passes Out Half-Naked

A guy by the name of Carlos (@carlooo0) hit Twitter with a very disturbing photo yesterday. Giving his followers a little context, he explained that “a complete stranger broke into my garage and shit himself and passed out.”

Bill Cosby’s Daughter Dead At 44, Cause Of Death Unknown

Bill Cosby daughters Ensa, Erika and Evin at the Candace Awa

Source: New York Daily News Archive / Getty

Bill Cosby lost another child at the end of last week, as his daughter Ensa Cosby reportedly passed away in Massachusetts this past Friday. While the late 44-year-old’s cause of death is unknown at this time, TMZ reports she suffered from severe medical issues in the past and may have even been waiting on a kidney transplant.

Florida Man Sentenced To Death For What He Did To An 8-Year-Old Girl He Met At Walmart

Police line tape crime scene

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8-year-old Cherish Perrywinkle died a brutal death after her mom was lured to Walmart in June 2013. 61-year-old Donald James Smith had promised to buy Perrywinkle’s family food and clothing if they would agree to meet his wife at the Jacksonville location.