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10 Sexy Text Messages to Help Keep Intimacy Fresh in Your Marriage After Valentine’s Day

It’s February and love is in the air. For couples all across the country, this month can either be a dream or a nightmare. If you thoroughly enjoy being intimate with your spouse, then you work extremely hard to keep the fire burning and your Boo satisfied. These days, there are so many options for Keep Reading →

5 Important Reasons You Need a Vision for Your Marriage

I’m going to keep it real right now. I am naturally a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of a woman. I enjoy spontaneity, surprises, and going with the flow. What will be, will be. There are days I just LOVE that about myself. And then, there are other days. You know, the Keep Reading →

7 Proven Strategies For Making Financial Intimacy a Success in Your Marriage

Financial self-awareness, receptiveness, and understanding play an extensive role in setting the stage to make financial intimacy a possibility for your marriage. In addition to the knowing, there must be the “doing.” Financial intimacy is both a goal and a journey. The only way to attend to growing your financial intimacy in your marriage is through action. Here are Keep Reading →

5 Undeniably Classic Reasons Marriage is Not Outdated

There’s a movie roaming around Netflix called “November Rule.” It’s an interesting flick that reveals the character of a young man who breaks up with his significant other right before the holidays. His plan is to pursue the relationship again right after Valentine’s Day. His premise is that during the holidays and up until Valentine’s Keep Reading →

3 Tips to Help You Turn Your Failing Marriage Around

Failure. No one likes that word. In particular, when it applies to their efforts at something of extreme importance, there is no greater disappointment when you miss the mark. Well, imagine taking that word and applying it to a concept with lifetime implications. Marriage is just that. It is a concept with lifetime implications. At Keep Reading →

3 Crazy Things People Do to Solve Their Marriage Problems and Why They Won’t Work

At the beginning of a marriage, many couples take time out to celebrate the start of their lifetime journey by heading off on a traditional vacation called a honeymoon. It is a time for them to strengthen their relationship and establish a strong physical bond. The time is private, intimate, and purposefully special. Eventually, however, Keep Reading →

What it Means to Embrace a Dating Relationship Done God’s Way

“I did it my way!” This is a line from a well known and well covered Frank Sinatra song “My Way.” The lyrics to the song feed into this idea that a life well lived is one where I call all the shots and, regardless of regrets, it couldn’t have been better because well, “I Keep Reading →

3 Reasons Couples Get Divorced in January and How You Can Avoid It

No one ever wants to imagine that the joy of saying “I do” will one day end in a trip to the courthouse with a request to call it quits. Before getting married, many couples foresee a lifetime of love peppered with challenges. In their hearts and minds, each couple is convinced there is nothing Keep Reading →

Here’s How to Use Prayer to Resolve Conflict in Your Marriage

Conflict, unfortunately, doesn’t always end with peaceful solutions. When relationship conflicts can’t be resolved, there you’ll find damaged egos, hurt feelings, hateful words, and, sometimes, the end of a marriage. If you feel like your relationship is beyond the point of help, and the conflict has just demolished the communication, the trust, and every other part of your relationship, Keep Reading →

5 Ways to Kick Financial Infidelity Out of Your Marriage in 2018

Financial infidelity, like romantic infidelity, is rooted in deception, lying, and secrecy. Instead of holding your cards close to your chest when it comes to your relationship with another person, financial infidelity surfaces when you purposely mislead and withhold information about money and money matters. In December 2010, Harris Interactive fielded the Financial Deception with Partners study on behalf Keep Reading →

Are You Prepared? These 4 Things Can Make or Break Your Marriage

My 13 year old son recently asked me a question that many of you are probably familiar with. It’s the good old, “If you fill a glass half full of water, is the glass half full or half empty?” Naturally, I responded with the very wise, adult answer of, “well, it depends on your perspective.” Keep Reading →

3 Ways Being Open With Your Spouse Can Change the Course of Your Marriage

The longer I am married, going on 16 years now, the more I am convinced that tying the knot is not meant for the weak at heart or the weak minded. A good marriage takes the kind of work that requires each individual to be all in…for life. Ask anyone who’s been successfully married for Keep Reading →