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His Lips, Her Hips, and These Tips Keep Romance Alive When Life Takes Over

Walk past most magazine racks in the grocery store and you are bound to be inundated with headlines boasting the “latest” or “hottest” or “kinkiest” bedroom tricks for couples eager to get it on. Let’s face it. Keeping the mood sensual and the marriage bed beguiling is tough to do. For some couples, the honeymoon Keep Reading →

3 Ways Jay-Z’s Infidelity Confession Can Help You Save Your Marriage

So Jay-Z decided to add somewhat of a video postlude to his latest album “4:44” called “Footnotes for “‘4:44′” and the latest clip has set the internet, and maybe some marriages, on fire. In it, the rapper gets real about his less than perfect relationship with Beyonce and the fight to piece their broken marriage back Keep Reading →

5 Aspects of a Blessed Marriage You Can Start Practicing Today

Blessed. It’s one of those words that people like to use, especially to convey good wishes. Someone sneezes, we say “God bless you.” When asked, “How are you?” we reply with “I’m blessed.” When parting ways, we say, “Have a blessed day.” To be blessed is something we all desire, but blessings don’t always come easy. Often Keep Reading →

Is the Art of Give and Take Alive and Well in Your Marriage?

By: Dr. George James We’ve all heard that it takes work to make relationships successful.  At the same time, most of us do not know how much work (effort, commitment, communication and more) it takes. Just when you think you’ve learned how to juggle your needs and your partner’s needs, something or someone else gets Keep Reading →

5 Crucial Communication Tips to Achieve Oneness in Your Marriage

I don’t know how many times this has happened. My husband will be talking with someone and suddenly find himself at a loss for words. He knows what he wants to say, but he’s not quite sure how to say it. Then, I will pipe in and finish the thought, phrase, or sentence for him. Keep Reading →

Video: Trailer Delivers Intense First Look for New “Roots” Mini-Series

Sometimes, a show comes along that leaves the audience awestruck. If successful, any attempt to remake the show is met with heavy skepticism and the resulting film had better deliver. Alex Haley’s Roots, which first aired in 1977, brought the plight of the Negro slave in America front and center. The History Channel has taken on this massive Keep Reading →

Here’s How to Talk to Your Kids About Protesting in the Age of Black Lives Matter

How do you talk to your kids about the complex issues facing our society? For many parents, they are left at a loss. Black Fathers Incorporated Founder Kenneth Braswell was no different. He found himself unable to give an age appropriate answer to a question about the Black Lives Matter protests posed to him by Keep Reading →

Black History Spotlight: How this Man Went from Slave to Congressman Will Blow Your Mind

If you know anything about Black History, you’ve heard of Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. You’ve heard of Nat Turner and his, soon to be Hollywood depicted, uprising. But, have you heard of Robert Smalls? No, I mean really heard of Robert Smalls? Born into slavery in 1839, Smalls grew up on a Beaufort, Keep Reading →

UCLA Gymnast Slays Floor Routine with These Favorite Hip Hop Dances

Her routine was anything but routine. By now, the very hip hop and swag-full floor routine by UCLA Bruins gymnast Sophina DeJesus has made it’s internet rounds with over 19 million Facebook views. It’s a routine that had her teammates jammin’ with her from the sidelines and the crowds cheering in the stands. But what got them Keep Reading →

Here’s How We Remember Earth, Wind & Fire Founder Maurice White

After a decades long battle with Parkinson’s disease, Earth Wind & Fire founding member Maurice White has quietly passed away on February 4, 2016. He was 74. We honor his amazing contributions to the music industry and lift him up as an example of excellence in his field. It is this excellence that will leave Keep Reading →

Here’s the Number One Reason African American Women Need to Protect Their Hearts

GO RED! It’s not just a catchy little phrase. It’s a movement that, when followed, has a great impact on the number one killer of Americans – heart disease. And, never mind if you’re a woman because, chances are, you’re at a greater risk than you may realize. Heart disease and stroke kill 1 in Keep Reading →

Video: Don Cheadle Turns It Up in Miles Davis Biopic

I don’t know. Maybe I’m biased. But, simply put, Don Cheadle is a genius on screen. And, come April 1, 2016, that genius comes to life as music great Miles Davis in the new movie “Miles Ahead.” The official trailer, seen below, gives so much juice that you can’t help but feel, “I gotta see that Keep Reading →