Is He Soulmate Material? Here’s How You Can Tell

Dear Dr. Buckingham, I have been in a relationship for 6 years. It started out wrong because my partner and I were both going through separations. We both agreed that we wanted to do things right by completely divorcing and then getting married one year later. I divorced first, but my partner started a new Keep Reading →

What Should I Do to Create Sexual Bliss in My Sexless Marriage?

Dear Dr. Buckingham, I’m 30 years old my husband is 40 years old. We have been married for 2 years but together for 6. He is a nice guy and loves me very much. I love him because I know he loves me. Over the past year, we have had sex literally four times. Sex Keep Reading →

Can a Marriage Survive Infidelity That Results in Childbirth?

Dear Dr. Buckingham, I was reading one of your articles online at ‘Black and married with Kids’. I have a question and or need some direction on where to go for help in restoring my 2 year old marriage. My husband told me of the affair 2 days post our annual anniversary trip with two Keep Reading →

How Do I Make My Marriage Work When Finances are Not Working?

Dear Dr. Buckingham, I need help and fast, I been married 2 years and financially my husband and I are unstable He has an ex wife and a child with her. I have two from a previous relationship and we have a child together. A few years ago I picked up and moved so we Keep Reading →

How Do I Get My Boyfriend To Stand Up for Me?

Dear Dr. Buckingham, I have been dealing with an issue for quite some time now and find myself in need of some advice. My boyfriend and I have been in a long distance relationship for 2 1/2 years now. He is a Marine. Since the beginning of the relationship, his mother has been jealous, possessive Keep Reading →

The NFL Season is Turning Me Against My Husband. Am I Overreacting?

Dear Dr. Buckingham, My husband and his friends range from 40-52 (All married or living with someone). During football season, they turn into drunken clowns and buffoons. They use the NFL as an excuse to drink excessively and hang out 8+ hours every Sunday. They all drink and drive and have a CDL license. I Keep Reading →

Racial Tension is Hurting My Marriage: How Can I Support My Black Husband?

Dear Dr. Buckingham, I have been reading your articles for some time and decided to write because I feel that you are a logical professional who gives good practical guidance. I am a white woman and I am married to a black man. We have been married for ten years and have two wonderful children. Keep Reading →

He Cheated 8 Years Ago: How Do I Really Forgive My Husband?

Dear Dr. Buckingham, I have been with my husband for 17 years. I’m 30 years old and we have four boys together and a child on the way. During our time together, my husband has cheated on me and I forgave him (at least I thought). He cheated 8 years ago and almost had a Keep Reading →

Who Should I Live My Life For So that I Can Achieve Marital Happiness?

Dear Dr. Buckingham, I am writing because I am confused about how I should live my life. I am a 25 year old African American male and I am finding it more and more difficult to live a life of unhappiness. I do not have any really good role models. Recently, I got married and Keep Reading →

Can Two Broken People Make Marriage Work?

Dear Dr. Buckingham, My husband and myself have been together 15 years, married 10, with two beautiful children. I have had several emotional affairs, two were sexual.He has caught me every time. In the last two affairs though, I felt done with the marriage. I was the working parent struggling mentally and physically. He did Keep Reading →

My Fiancé is Dating Another Woman. Do You Think That I Should Marry Him?

Dear Dr. Buckingham, I have this boyfriend that I have been dating for almost three years now and we are planning to settle down. Recently, I found out that he has been dating several females. He told me that he could date several women because I have not made up my mind to marry him. Keep Reading →

How Do I Deal with My Unemployed, Babies’ Father?

Dear  Dr. Buckingham, I’ve been with my babies’ father for five years now. Throughout the five years that we have been together, he has never been able to keep a job for more than three months. We have two little boys and I stopped working when I got pregnant the first time. I would look for a job, but Keep Reading →