Author: Alisha Dixon

First-year phenom Melissa Zajac bucking the odds in battle for jockeys title at Hazel Park

On the ramshackle backside of Hazel Park, beyond the barbed-wire fences and dilapidated jockeys quarters, a full moon hangs high in the west. The sun has yet to climb the hood ornaments of the beaten and battered cars in the beaten and battered parking lots, and all along the darkened shedrow of Barn 21, the horses begin to stir.…

Trump endorses Bill Schuette for governor on Twitter, spells his name wrong

There’s nothing like an endorsement from the President of the United States after you’ve announced that you’re going to finally run for governor, except when that President happens to be Donald Trump and he misspells your name in the congratulatory tweet. Not as bad as “covfefe,” but still pretty funny.…

Vandals nearly destroy Trump Unity Bridge ahead of pro-Trump rally in Washington

Rob Cortis and his Trump Unity Bridge have finally been stopped.

Vandals appear to have nearly destroyed the Livonia resident’s vehicle and the parade float it pulls in broad daylight yesterday, while he was stopped in Alexandria, Va. on his way to a Saturday pro-Trump rally in Washington. Cortis has driven the bridge more than 10,000 miles across the country in honor of the president and was most recently spotted outside Kid Rock’s first show at the pizzarena this week.

The Juggalo march on Washington is happening right now

As we announced several months ago, Insane Clown Posse spearheaded a Juggalo March on Washington to be held at noon Sept. 13 at the National Mall. It’s a bit of political activism in response to the FBI categorizing the following of the rap-rock-duo’s devotees as a “loosely organized hybrid gang.” ICP later sued the U.S. Justice Department and the FBI to have the classification removed.…

Giordano’s Chicago-style pizzeria is now open in downtown Detroit

Giordano’s is now open in the downtown space that used to house Bagger Dave’s, which closed in 2015.

The Detroit News reports that the restaurant, at 1224 Randolph St., is taking walk in orders for dinner, and plans to be up and running with lunch and dinner service in the next two weeks

Michigan police cite fewer speeders, costing counties patrol dollars

Speeding might be less risky for drivers in Michigan as police officers are issuing fewer citations annually.

But that drop is costing county sheriffs’ departments thousands of dollars each year for patrolling the state’s back roads and to investigate crashes.

Decline in boat registrations creating a lack of funding for marine patrols

Over the past decade, state funding for the marine divisions of sheriffs’ offices in Michigan has dwindled with the decline in the number of registered boats.

At the same time, the number of unregistered canoes and kayaks has increased, leading to calls for the owners of those craft to also be required to pay the registration fees that support rescues and other boating programs.