Author: Alisha Dixon

Revenge Cheating: 5 Ways it Sabotages Both Marital and Individual Recovery

“Last night was well worth it!” Imagine reading this text message on your husband’s phone. How would you react? Well, I don’t have to imagine and I can tell you exactly how I reacted…minus the cuss words of course. Being cheated on can cause you to lose your religion! The interesting dynamic in our marriage Keep Reading →

How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage By Guarding Your heart

In my most recent article 3 Ways to Fight for Your Marriage and Win After an Affair, I shared how my husband and I had reached an impasse in our relationship. With each of us having forsaken our vows and engaged in extramarital affairs, things weren’t looking good for us and we had decided to Keep Reading →

3 Ways to Fight for Your Marriage After an Affair

Affairs are messy. I’m not trying to be glib but for lack of a better word, messy just fits. Everything becomes a mess when a man, or woman, “puts asunder” what God has joined together in holy matrimony. When asked to write this article, I was first reminded of the fight of my life. My marriage Keep Reading →

30 Serious Consequences of Infidelity…Take Heed

Infidelity is by far one of the worst things that can transpire in marriage.  Trust me, I know from personal experience!  It violates everything built between you and your spouse in such a personal way.  Majority of us who’ve been cheated on didn’t see it coming…I know I was blindsided for sure! “I am deeply Keep Reading →

How to Forgive Yourself After Your Affair

Dealing with the guilt, shame and self-hatred or the flooding of negative emotions and feeling of self-worthlessness after the occurrence of an extra-marital or non-marital affair is no easy feat.  I’m speaking from experience, and this cycle of self-shaming could be as hindering on the marriage/relationship as the affair itself. Dwelling the on shame, instead Keep Reading →

The 4 Pillars of Trust that Must be Present in Every Relationship

Trust is the currency of every relationship, and just like money, it’s value could either depreciate or appreciate over time, depending on the events and/or investments made. Trust mimics this same attribute and, in this case, the investments are directly related to the actions and/or in-actions of both spouses in the relationship, which could enhance and Keep Reading →

Infidelity in Marriage: Here’s How to Rebuild Intimacy after an Affair

If I told you that the day my husband confessed his affair, we had sex the same night.  Would you believe me or think I was pulling one over on you?  Do you even believe it is possible to reconnect intimately immediately or does the thought of having sex so soon sicken you? Well, we Keep Reading →

The Movie Was Great, But Here Are the Real Women of “Hidden Figures”

Hidden Figures, is a bestselling biography entitled “Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race” written by Margot Lee Shetterly. And it was recently turned into a Hollywood movie revealing the untold  true story of three brilliant African-American women, Katherine Johnson (Taraji Henson), Dorothy Vaughan Keep Reading →

It’s Time You Man-Up: Here’s How to Tell Your Wife About Your Affair

So you’ve cheated? Does it mean your marriage is doomed for divorce?  Absolutely NOT!  And by the way, I’m speaking from experience! Now don’t get it twisted, it does mean it’s time to “Man-Up” meaning to “toughen up” or in my Spike Lee voice…“Do the right thing!” Immediately, I’m reminded of the scripture 1 Corinthians Keep Reading →

‘Turn Up’ Time: 10 Things We Want the Obamas to Do After They Leave the White House

It is truly bitter sweet that the first black POTUS and his beautiful family are leaving the white house. We are sad that they are leaving. But at the same time, we we are truly happy that it was eight years well spent! We are so excited for them to be a part of the Keep Reading →

Racing Thoughts: 7 Strategies I Used to Stop Thinking About My Husband’s Affair

When I wrote this title, I was immediately reminded of the wedding scene from the movie Best Man. Yeah, you know the one!  Can you say awkward? This scene is by far one of the most tension-filled wedding scenes and so realistically acted out on film. With his best man (Taye Diggs) sporting one heck Keep Reading →

Sexual Fantasies Can Actually Be Great for Your Marriage, But Here’s the Catch…

WARNING this article may contain TMI and REAL TALK! Ever wonder what it is like to _________________________________ (insert your fantasy here)? Chances are I’ve done it!  Now don’t get me wrong…I haven’t done EVERYTHING!  After all, I’m only 38 and have many more amazing years ahead of me and my husband…so, yup, more fantasies to Keep Reading →