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Affair Repair- 4 Reasons to L.O.V.E. Valentine’s Day!

We are approaching “that” holiday, yeah you know the one:  Valentine’s Day!  The main day devoted to ALL things romance! No matter where you are in your affair repair, Valentine’s Day is not to be ignored. Societal conditioning tells us that acts of love have to be grand gestures.  However, I’d like to lovingly challenge Keep Reading →

Here’s the One Thing You Must Do If Your Spouse Is Cheating

Have you reached a point in your marriage where you suspect something shady’s going on but you’re not sure? Now, you simply have to know what’s really going on? Like I always say, “You cannot conquer that which you will not confront.” So, in this article that is part of chapter four (Confront & Conquer) Keep Reading →

Five Lies You Tell Yourself When You Decide to Cheat

Lies. Lies. Lies. When you make a decision to go outside of your relationship with your spouse to get a certain need met that you are convinced you can’t have met within your marriage, you usually come up with some excuse that, on the surface, appears plausible. Well, let me cut straight to it. You Keep Reading →

Affair Triggers: 5 Tips to Help When You or Your Spouse Have a Flash Back

Remember the scene from the movie “Best Man” where Lance fights flashbacks of betrayal running through his head at the altar. Yet, somehow, he finds the strength to marry Mia despite her having slept with his best man Harper. He doesn’t allow the flashbacks that could be a setback to keep him from making a Keep Reading →

The #1 Tip for Getting the Peace You Crave in Your Marriage in 2018

Perfect marriages do not exist! Let us put this long lived myth that has been destroying so many marriages to rest.  The myth that perfect marriages exist is nothing more than a lie that sets many marriages up for failure. These failures occur as a result of discord, disagreements, disharmony, worry, agitation, distress, frustration, fighting, and Keep Reading →

3 Ways to Save Your Marriage From Holiday Hell

I don’t know about you, but I love, love, love Christmas! As for the New Year, it’s a time we look forward to hitting the reset button and starting life fresh. If you have children they are through the roof with excitement. Adults, on the other hand, look forward to time off from work, holiday parties, Keep Reading →

After the Affair: 6 Faith Strengthening Scriptures to Help Restore Trust in Your Union

Yesterday, I let you guys in on some of the crazy that happened to me and, quite honestly, some of the crazy that happens to anyone who finds their marriage embroiled in the aftermath of an affair. After the ugly crying and blame shifting were over, I could only do one thing, turn to God Keep Reading →

After the Affair: 4 Scriptures to Reignite Your Faith and Save Your Marriage

When a marriage goes through its ups and downs, where do you turn for guidance? I can honestly and wholeheartedly say to you that if it was not for my faith our marriage “Never Would Have Made It” through the storm! Glory to God our marriage not only survived the storm but we are lying under a Keep Reading →

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Judge People Who Choose to Save Their Marriage After an Affair

Let’s keep it real. In today’s society, it has become way too easy to slap judgment on someone for just about any reason.  Now imagine having the label of cheater.  Maybe you are like me and know all too well what that feels like so you don’t have to imagine. Well, the flip side of Keep Reading →

11 Small Things That Can Break Trust in Your Marriage

Trust is the core of a marriage. A thriving marriage is built upon godly commitment. While every husband and every wife will surely make mistakes year after year, when those mistakes cause distrust to build, the marriage slowly erodes. Sadly, there are some who think they can keep from doing the “big” stuff that would Keep Reading →

Revenge Cheating: 5 Ways it Sabotages Both Marital and Individual Recovery

“Last night was well worth it!” Imagine reading this text message on your husband’s phone. How would you react? Well, I don’t have to imagine and I can tell you exactly how I reacted…minus the cuss words of course. Being cheated on can cause you to lose your religion! The interesting dynamic in our marriage Keep Reading →

How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage By Guarding Your heart

In my most recent article 3 Ways to Fight for Your Marriage and Win After an Affair, I shared how my husband and I had reached an impasse in our relationship. With each of us having forsaken our vows and engaged in extramarital affairs, things weren’t looking good for us and we had decided to Keep Reading →