Author: Alisha Dixon

Seeing Harvey’s destruction firsthand… Byrdsong witnesses the good in people

COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT ASSOCIATION CEO Rashad Byrdsong, left, traveled to Houston to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. (Photo courtesy Rashad Byrdsong)

Because he knew people in the area—some of whom had stayed after relocating from Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina—Community Empowerment Association President and CEO Rashad Byrdsong traveled to Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey to help with grassroots recovery efforts.

Inclusion meetings scheduled at CEA for Homewood development project


The Community Empowerment Association will host a series of meetings ahead of the final phase of the Addison Terrace development, called the Kelly Hamilton Construction Project, which will build 54 new, single-family units along Kelly Street and Hamilton Avenue in Homewood.

Two new videos show alleged abuse of Woodland Hills students


In 2016, Woodland Hills student Dorthee Fish, then 13, went to the bathroom to address an issue, which made her late for class. When she emerged, school Resource Officer Stephen Shaulis confronted her about being late for class and pulled her into the school resource office, where he allegedly slammed her head into a wall, and on a desk, multiple times.

Anti-violence Block Party in McKeesport to be held Aug. 26


Rev. Christine Pope Portis (Facebook)

On Aug. 7, a 15-year-old was shot in the arm and grazed in the head by another bullet fired from a car as he walked along Jenny Lind Street in McKeesport. He was lucky.

Mayor’s new contracting executive order: Boom or bust for Blacks?


Citing a looming skills shortage, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto has issued an executive order calling for the “use of certain progressive public policy tools” to further regulate construction contracting in the city.

44 of 60 homicides Black lives …10 of 12 July victims were African American

As the dog days of 2017 approach, the killings in Allegheny County have become more heated. July’s homicides included the brutal shooting of a potential homicide witness because she was screaming, and the brazen daylight shooting of two men in Larimer. They also included two victims who died after being shot years earlier. In all, 83 percent of July’s homicide victims were Black:

Remembering Constance Parker …Her dedication to the position of NAACP president took a backseat to no one


She wasn’t as educated on paper as Byrd Brown, didn’t have the musical talent of Tim Stevens, and wasn’t the firebrand that defined Harvey Adams. However, Constance Parker’s dedication to the position of president of the NAACP Pittsburgh branch, and to the people whose rights it fought for, took a backseat to no one.

PWSA modifies lead line replacements

Even though the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority’s partial lead line replacement strategy has resulted in even higher levels of lead in some residents’ water, the authority has opted to continue its program—but it will no longer do “partial” replacements.

Pennsylvania awards Disparity Study contract


Praising Gov. Tom Wolf for his commitment to increasing the state’s contracting with small and diverse businesses, Pennsylvania Department of General Services Deputy Secretary for Diversity, Inclusion and Small Business Opportunities Kerry L. Kirkland announced the department has awarded a $900,000 contract for the first statewide disparity study in support of that commitment.

Protestors demand Zappala recuse himself from Woodland Hills cases

ALLIANCE FOR POLICE ACCOUNTABILITY EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Brandi Fisher tells supporters that County DA Stephen Zappala should recuse himself from the Woodland Hills cases. (Photo by J.L. Martello)