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Black History event to Expand Inclusion for People of Pan Africa

Sacramento, Calif. – Sacramento Black History Month Expo kicks off its annual celebration on Friday, Feb. 23 from 1-5 p.m., with a Farm to Fork Friday celebration at the Cal Expo Event Center in Sacramento.

CA Black female voters host Democratic gubernatorial candidates debate (Video)

SACRAMENTO – No one expected that three gubernatorial candidates who appeared at a political forum staged at the historic Crest Theater in downtown Sacramento were experts on issues that concern African American women in the state of California.

SF Women Fight Back Against Latest Intimidation Tactics to Silence Them

It’s Our Time, Women for London Breed call out stunning hypocrisy of candidates like Mark Leno who themselves benefitted from major independent expenditures in previous elections

California Gubernatorial Forum to Focus on the Status of African American Women


SACRAMENTO, CA – Our Time to Engage, Inform and Vote: 2018 Gubernatorial Issues Forum in partnership with KCRA 3 convenes voters across California to discuss issues that impact African American women with candidates John Chiang, Delaine Eastin and Antonio Villaraigosa.

Shoplifting Is to Blame for Locked Up Items, Not Walmart

(CBM) – Whether you hate or love Walmart–they are not alone in locking up products.

So when I read last week that a woman was suing Walmart for discriminating against Blacks by having certain products locked up, I immediately thought to myself: she’s blaming the wrong people.

CA Legislative Black Caucus Responds to Trump’s “Shithole’ Countries” comment

Sacramento, CA – On Thursday January 11th, during a discussion about protecting immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti, and African countries, President Trump referred to those countries as “shithole countries.” The California Legislative Black Caucus, chaired by Assemblymember Chris Holden, released the following statement:

New EDF California Program Director Wants Black Voters to See Importance of Green Issues (Video)

CBM) – In July Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law the aggressive climate change legislation AB 398 which extends and improves the Cap-and-Trade Program. The program aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which will enable the state to meet its 2030 emission reduction goals in the most cost-effective manner. Extending Cap-and-Trade is expected to provide billions of dollars to invest in communities across California.

National Park Service yanks $98,000 grant for Black Panther Party legacy project

OPINION (CBM) – Apparently, history makes some people uncomfortable.

The facts make some people uncomfortable.

Pressure from people with a limited grasp of the past recently led the National Park Service to cancel a University of California historical research project regarding the Black Panther Party.

Federal Trade Commission Urges Wire Fraud Victims to Apply for Restitution

(CBM) – We’ve all seen those emails from Nigerian businessmen who promise millions of dollars in exchange for the use of your bank account to free up money trapped in American banks. However, the issue of wire fee fraud is a serious problem, and up until recently, there was little recourse for people who lost money in these scams. The Federal Trade Commission said that between 2004-2015, Western Union recorded more than 500,000 complaints and more than $630 million in losses because of wire fraud.

JEROME HORTON: Senate Passes “Wealth-Building Tax Plan” at Expense of the Middle Class

OPINION (CBM) – Over the weekend, the Senate Republicans passed their version of the Trump Tax Plan that will not only impact the amount of taxes you will pay; it will also impact your ability to build wealth, educate your children, preserve your health, plan your estate, and grow your business in California.

Black Democrat’s demand Party return money to donor involved in death of gay, Black man

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Justice 4 Gemmel + All of Ed Buck’s Victim’s advocacy group has announced that the Chair of the African American Caucus of the California Democratic Party, Darren Parker, will author a resolution on behalf of the Caucus calling on the Party as a whole to return the money of prominent donor Ed Buck and to publicly support the family of Gemmel Moore and all of Buck’s victims. This comes after the group’s media consultant, political communications strategist Jasmyne Cannick spoke before the Caucus at the Fall/Winter Executive Board Meeting of the California Democratic Party at the invitation of Parker and Chair of the California Young Democrats’ Black Caucus
Devin T. Murphy.

Gas Tax & Vehicle Fees Bump May Benefit State’s Black Business Owners (VIDEO)

(CBM) – A looming hike on the price of gasoline and new vehicle registration fees that will pay for improving the Golden State’s crumbling roadways will send millions of dollars of infrastructure work to minority and women-owned agencies and firms.