Michael Eric Dyson analyzes America as only Dyson can

Michael Eric Dyson  PHOTO: Keith A. Owens

Anyone who has ever heard Michael Eric Dyson speak knows that the only way to properly convey the experience is to let his words do the talking. Because only Michael Eric Dyson can make words dance and sing like he can. Trying to interpret, or blandly report on a Dyson speech is pretty much like trying to draw a copy of the Michelangelo painting inside the Sistine Chapel using a couple of crayons. Something tends to get lost in translation.

The long, winding road of Jeffrey Johnson, one man who refused to play the plea bargaining game

Jeffrey Johnson was convicted of 1st degree murder 40 years ago in Detroit. Evidence suggests it is highly unlikely he committed the crime. Had he agreed to a plea bargain 40 years ago, even if he lied to say he committed murder when he didn’t, he would be a free man today. Because he refused to lie, he is still in prison.

Can you put that jail somewhere else?

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans speaks to residents most likely to be directly affected by the construction of a new jail. Most in attendance were opposed to having the jail placed in their neighborhood. –PHOTO: Keith A. Owens

Residents near proposed jail site voice frustrations to County Executive

Duggan’s margin of victory a lesson to Young campaign

Mayor Mike Duggan — PHOTO: Andre Smith

Just how clear does it need to be?

Now that the election is over and the voters have made it clear beyond any reasonable doubt who it is they prefer to be mayor of this city, perhaps we can put the dirt back in the ground where it belongs.

Shop Detroit, live Detroit

Dennis Archer Jr. PHOTOS: Keith A. Owens

Latest neighborhood development announcement promises local jobs, local shopping

What began some months ago as an occasional announcement of new development outside of downtown Detroit is now evolving into a swiftly moving stream of one  project after another. At this rate it’s almost scary to consider what could happen if Amazon somehow lands in town – Mothership-style.

Duggan debating Young was hardly a fair fight

Tonight is the night for Sen. Coleman Young when he debates Mayor Mike Duggan. He doesn’t just need to hit it out of the park, he needs to hit it into another zip code to gain any kind of real traction going into the November 7 Election.

Duggan vs. Young, the gloves come off tonight


Mayor Mike Duggan

When Mayor Mike Duggan and Sen. Coleman Young II meet tonight for their first and only debate during what has been a relatively boring campaign so far (excepting a few moderately interesting twists here and there), there is likely to be a yawning gap between what most voters desperately want to see and what they get.

Art of Rebellion as seen through the eyes of many beholders


Valerie Mercer, curator for the General Motors Center for African American Art, discussing the Art of Rebellion exhibit at the DIA – PHOTOS: Keith A. Owens

Powerful DIA exhibit offers artist views of the civil rights movement


The timing could not possibly have been better. Nor could the location.

Pause after Las Vegas mass murder is only intermission until the next time

PHOTO: Slate

First of all, if we can just please dispense with the perversely comical description of Stephen Paddock, the guy who just finished killing 59 people and injuring 527 more in Las Vegas before killing himself, as a ‘lone wolf’. That hardly describes the man and practically portrays him as sympathetic and socially awkward. A nerd with a dark side.

Fifth Third banking on Detroit’s rebirth :A conversation with Fifth Third Bank CEO Greg Carmichael

Fifth Third Bank CEO Greg Carmichael — PHOTO: Keith A. Owens

The Michigan Chronicle recently had the opportunity to sit down with Fifth Third Bank President Greg Carmichael to talk about the bank’s initiatives, philosophy, and programs that he believes fit well into the city’s continuing economic growth. The following is  transcript of that conversation, edited for content.

How Michigan State Police deals with Col. Etue will reveal true colors

Michigan State Police Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue

The common assumption among citizens is that the most basic duty of the police is to protect and serve the community. The entire community, that is.  I think it’s safe to say that Michigan State Police Col. Kriste Etue no longer fits that description. The question, at least for me, is whether or not she has the capacity to fully comprehend what it would take to be an actual public servant.