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Roy Moore defeat in Alabama felt good to black folks everywhere

Roy Moore riding his horse to the polls

Judging by how closely many African Americans were watching the nail-biter of a Senate race in Alabama earlier this week, you’d think all of us lived in Alabama.

Making sure the ‘New’ Detroit is still Detroit; George N’Namdi has a plan…  

George N’Namdi PHOTO: Montez Miller

Detroit development is one of the hottest topics in the city. George N’Namdi, owner of the N’Namdi Gallery located in what is now Midtown (but was definitely the Cass Corridor during the gallery’s earlier days), has gotten a peek at what he believes can be the future of development in Detroit.

How Jocelyn Rainey keeps bringing the world to Detroit kids


Jocelyn Rainey shown here with some of her artwork at the N’Namdi Gallery — PHOTO: Keith A. Owens

Jocelyn Rainey made a decision that her students should see the world. So she took them there.

Conyers supporters demand that the congressman be treated fairly, say he should not step down

Supporters of Rep. John Conyers packed Hartford Memorial Church Monday morning in an emotionally charged rally to demand that Conyers be given due process, and be allowed to confront his accusers and the sexual harassment charges that have been made against him.  The anger against those high profile congressional leaders and others who are now pressuring Conyers to resign, such as House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and Rep. James Clyburn of the Congressional Black Caucus (that Conyers co-founded), was more than enough to heat up the room.

For the sake of Detroit, Conyers must do the right thing

John Conyers opt2

Rep. John Conyers

Am I grateful to Rep. John Conyers, the ‘dean’ of the U.S. House of Representatives and its longest serving member, for all his years of dedicated service to the people of Detroit, the State of Michigan, and the entire United States? Of course I am. All of us should be grateful and proud of what this man has accomplished and achieved on our behalf. He is indeed an icon.

Michael Eric Dyson analyzes America as only Dyson can

Michael Eric Dyson  PHOTO: Keith A. Owens

Anyone who has ever heard Michael Eric Dyson speak knows that the only way to properly convey the experience is to let his words do the talking. Because only Michael Eric Dyson can make words dance and sing like he can. Trying to interpret, or blandly report on a Dyson speech is pretty much like trying to draw a copy of the Michelangelo painting inside the Sistine Chapel using a couple of crayons. Something tends to get lost in translation.

The long, winding road of Jeffrey Johnson, one man who refused to play the plea bargaining game

Jeffrey Johnson was convicted of 1st degree murder 40 years ago in Detroit. Evidence suggests it is highly unlikely he committed the crime. Had he agreed to a plea bargain 40 years ago, even if he lied to say he committed murder when he didn’t, he would be a free man today. Because he refused to lie, he is still in prison.

Can you put that jail somewhere else?

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans speaks to residents most likely to be directly affected by the construction of a new jail. Most in attendance were opposed to having the jail placed in their neighborhood. –PHOTO: Keith A. Owens

Residents near proposed jail site voice frustrations to County Executive

Duggan’s margin of victory a lesson to Young campaign

Mayor Mike Duggan — PHOTO: Andre Smith

Just how clear does it need to be?

Now that the election is over and the voters have made it clear beyond any reasonable doubt who it is they prefer to be mayor of this city, perhaps we can put the dirt back in the ground where it belongs.

Shop Detroit, live Detroit

Dennis Archer Jr. PHOTOS: Keith A. Owens

Latest neighborhood development announcement promises local jobs, local shopping

What began some months ago as an occasional announcement of new development outside of downtown Detroit is now evolving into a swiftly moving stream of one  project after another. At this rate it’s almost scary to consider what could happen if Amazon somehow lands in town – Mothership-style.