Author: Alisha Dixon

Money and Marriage: 5 Financial Tips to Strengthen Your Relationship

By: Kyle Strozier It’s been said that the number one cause of strife, arguments and eventual breakdowns in marriage is…money.  I’m sure we all know of personal accounts that will corroborate this.  I’m here to say, that needn’t be the case for you. Marriage is a union of two people.  However, for many couples, that Keep Reading →

From Wife to Widow: 4 Things I Wish I Didn’t Know But You Should

By: Kimberly Holmes Wiggins Widow. Man, I hate that word. It conjures up images of children who hear the word, then cower away from the woman, slowly reversing their tracks, fearful they may catch some of the sadness she gives off as she navigates this world without her husband. I remember the first time someone referred to me Keep Reading →

3 Lifeline Communication Tips for a Healthy Christian Marriage

By: Kimberly Keaton Let’s all admit it. Communication can be challenging. But, the truth is, it does not have to be a lost cause in our marriages.  In particular, when it comes to Christian marriages, it should be even more edifying. The lifeline of a healthy Christian marriage is successful communication the way God intended. Keep Reading →

Benefits or Backbone? 4 Reasons to Stop Wasting Time in a Bad Relationship

By: Ankunda Carrolyn Growing up as a Non-Christian, all I ever wanted was a man who could love me, spoil me with gifts, provide for me, and take care of me (which isn’t bad, by the way). My spiritual eyes had not been opened yet to the importance of marrying a spiritual man. I later Keep Reading →

Too Comfortable? 5 Ways to Breathe Life into Your Dull Marriage

By: Dr. George James Has your relationship lost its spark? Maybe you and your partner have become too comfortable with each other and you don’t make the effort anymore.  The good thing is that this is a normal phase in every relationship.  The bad thing is, if you allow your relationship to get stuck in Keep Reading →

Here’s How My Life Changed When I Allowed HIS Plan to Take Over

By: Angelique Redus-McCoy Two years ago, my family and I moved from our hometown to a city that, quite truthfully, had never been on our radar.  I left a job that I loved and where I felt loved. We left the home where we started our family, a home I could’ve lived in forever. We left Keep Reading →

Parents: Seek Advice or Parent on the Fly? These 5 Tips Could Help Tip the Scale

By: Dr. George James Is there a perfect way to be a parent?  Maybe you’ve read all the books, heard all the stories and watched all the videos.  At the same time, there’s a part of you that has tried to figure it out on your own.  It is normal to oscillate between wanting support Keep Reading →

Protect Your Castle and Get Sex on the Regular in Your Marriage

By: Dr. George James In medieval times, or in any episode of Game of Thrones, you’ll find that people literally live in a castle. It could be a King and his Queen, a Lord and Lady, or a Duke and Duchess.  As such, the castle is uniquely built to keep noble men and women safe from invaders.  Keep Reading →

3 Ways to Retool Your Baggage to Have the Loving Marriage You Desire

Our trip to Virginia was not going to be long…just a few days. So, I decided to pack lightly. It was still warm in Georgia and without checking Virginia’s weather forecast, I packed my bags with clothes appropriate for Georgia weather. Needless to say, I was surprised as the weather grew significantly cooler the further Keep Reading →

How To Retire Comfortably Even If You Are Broke

By Douglas Barnes Ok, so you’re at retirement age, and you’ve got no money, you’ve got no job, no marketable skills and your credit sucks eggs.  What options do you now have, and what are you supposed to do at retirement time. You’ve begun to realize that your finances have never been this bad, and Keep Reading →

How to Pray When Your Marriage Feels Hopeless

By Tiya Cunningham-Sumter, If you feel like your relationship is beyond the point of help, and the conflict has just demolished the communication, the trust and every other part of your relationship, you must pray. Prayer should never be the last resort; it should actually be ongoing in every situation. However, when you feel you’ve given your Keep Reading →

The Very First Thing You Should Do When You Want to Improve Communication with Your Spouse

The one thing that people often overlook, when they are trying to improve communication with their spouse, is some critical but necessary self-reflection. You see, when you are lacking in communication skills with your spouse, often times, its because the communication patterns, that were useful at one point in your life, are now outdated and just Keep Reading →