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Rihanna Honors Cousin After He’s Killed In Barbados

2016 Billboard Music Awards

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Rihanna is mourning a tragic loss in her family after her cousin was killed Tuesday evening. According to Nation NewsTavon Kaiseen Alleyne was walking near his home in Barbados when the 21-year-old was shot by an unidentified man. He later died from his injuries in the hospital.

Sleek Onesie For Men Will Have You Thinking It’s A Two Piece Outfit

Man with smartphone laughing with friend by coast

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The world of onesies just got much bigger and comfortable thanks to a trending new product.

For the lazy folks out there who think dressing yourselves is a task, we give you The Tuxy! Check it out below.

Intense Dog Rescue Footage Will Have You On The Edge Of Your Seat

Portrait Of Wet Dog In Lake

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One animal lover took on a big risk by rescuing a dog stuck in a frozen river.

RSPCA Inspector Jaqui Miller swooped in like superwoman and slid across the icy surface to pull the dog, Hardy, out. The heroic scene took place in the frigid weather of Northumberland, England. Check out the amazing footage below.

Barack Obama As Santa Will Bring You All The Feels For Our Former POTUS

US President Barack Obama goes shopping during Small Business Saturday

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Considering our current administration, anything Barack Obama does at this point seems like an angelic gift.

Last week, the former POTUS visited the Boys & Girls Club in Washington D.C. and the footage was filled with Christmas cheer.

Check out some highlights The Obama Foundation released below.

Gift High Schoolers Give To Classmate Brings Him To Tears In Viral Video

Tests on desks in empty classroom

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Another touching story went viral this past weekend just in time for the holidays.

It all started when Shawna Cantiliano of Antioch High School saw a message on a whiteboard from one of her classmates. It asked that whoever stole the classmate’s Nintendo 3DS to return it. The game console was a gift from the student’s grandmother and it meant a lot to them.

Is The Pony Up Daddy Toy A Treat For Kids Or A Nightmare For Parents?

Bad boy in supermarket

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One holiday toy for children might be a joy to them, but a pain for sensible adults.

The Pony Up Daddy is a “saddle” that kids can strap to the backs of adults. Then, they can ride them like a pony. Sounds exciting?

Study Shows How People Are Picking Uber Over 911

UBER Cabs Booking Using Mobile App

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When a health crisis happens, tradition tells us to call 911, but now it seem the future may be in Uber.

According the a report released on Wednesday, ambulance usage is dropping in the U.S. and researchers think ride sharing services might have something to do with it.

Would You Buy This Device That Makes Men Taller?

Afro-Caribbean guy in London with bottle of water

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So apparently, a company is selling insoles that can add a few inches of height to a guy.

They’re called altitude insoles and they can add up to 2 inches. They can fit into any shoe and you can customize how many inches you want to put on. Check them out below.

OMG: Surgeon Is Charged For Marking Initials On Patients’ Liver

Surgeons in full surgical gear during operation

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It’s common for an artist to take pride in their work by signing their name on it. A surgeon, on the other hand, should stay clear of the artist stamp. One British surgeon didn’t get the memo and he was charged on two counts of assault.

Newly Elected Senator Doug Jones Celebrates Win With ‘Teach Me How To Dougie’

Democratic Senate Candidate Doug Jones Holds Campaign With Sen. Cory Booker At Alabama State University

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On Tuesday night, Democrat Doug Jones beat Republican Roy Moore for a seat in the U.S. Senate. The victory was monumental considering a Democrat from Alabama hasn’t won a Senate seat in 25 years. Not to mention, Moore has been accused of sexually assaulting teenagers and his absurd views include believing America was great when slavery was legal.