A Conversation With the Cast of John Singleton’s “Snowfall”

The pool of television dramas is deep and the summer line-up has been steaming up the network competition. The new series that has tongues wagging is FX’s “Snowfall,” which premiered two weeks ago and is directed and produced by John Singleton and stars young British native Damson Idris.

So Maybe John McCain Isn’t A Coward After All

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Earlier this week, I wrote that by receiving government-funded health care to deal with his terminal brain cancer, and returning to D.C. to vote for a measure that would snatch benefits away from millions of people, John McCain — whose entire career is built on a maverick/hero narrative — exhibited a level of cowardice unique even for a city drenched in pervasive coward.

Family Reunions Mean More Than a Great Time

In this new time, where everyone is in their “own space” doing their “own thing,” maintaining family connections have taken a back seat to keeping up with family on the latest social media app or totally “dissing” the family for a vacation deal found on Groupon on LivingSocial.